October 18, 2009

Monumental Moments

There are some moments in parenting that are monumental. They melt your heart so quickly, and stay branded in your memory forever. These are the moments that make every bad moment (such as the dozens of poopy diapers I've changed over the last few days, and the lack of sleep from several weeks of sick babies) totally and completely worth it. Some examples of these moments include their first smile, their first giggle, the first time you hear "mama" or "dada" - whether or not they are actually saying it in reference to you!

I have been dreaming of the day when my babies would reach out their arms to me. When I would pick them up not just because I needed to get them to do something, but because they showed me they wanted me to pick them up. Every time I get them from their cribs I try to get them to reach for me - but all to no avail. They reach (eagerly) for their bottles, they reach for their toys, why wouldn't they reach for me?

Then, 2 days ago, we were on the floor playing when suddenly Ryan turned and reached his arms out to me. My heart stopped. Was this the moment I had been waiting for? I couldn't help but think that maybe it was a fluke - he did the right thing, but without necessarily meaning to. But the next day (when Lucas was there playing with us) he did the same thing! In fact, he has now reached out to me several times, and Allie followed suit this morning!!! Unfortunately, I still cannot get them to reach out to me when I go to get them from their crib - apparently holding onto their blankies is still more appealing than mommy. But now I at least have hope that the day is coming soon!

Oh, a cuddle is more sweet when your baby has reached out and asked you to pull them close and cuddle them. I love it!


Lauren and Jeff said...

Morgan and I played a great game of hug bear-hug mommy last night. It truly is such a tiny, fleeting moment when they reach out and want to hug you, but immensely momumental at the same time. Everyone anticipates the first steps, first words, etc., so that first true hug can catch you off guard and make you cry a mountain of happy tears!

Anonymous said...

Kim...I'm so happy for you! The hugs are so good to begin with and then when they want them they are even better. The sad part I don't have a clue when my kids did that to me and that makes me sad. Those days are over but they will begin again once the twins know us better:) Love from Nana

the monkey's mama said...

aww! that is such a fun moment! Do they reach out to lucas, too?

Kim said...

They just started reaching to Lucas yesterday! He was feeling a little left out before.