October 30, 2009


Ok all, big news...yesterday morning I walked into the babies' room and found Allie in her crib on her hands & knees! She's been scooting (backwards) pretty decent distances for about a week, but overnight (literally) she mastered getting onto all fours and rocking back & forth (it looks like she's getting ready to propel herself across the crib). Ry guy is not as interested in moving (he just grabs the toys his sister brings near on her way past him and he's happy!), but he has started scooting around (also mostly backwards) and is covering a lot of ground doing that as well. I think I might have crawlers soon...my days are about to get so much more exhausting!

Also, now that the twins are sitting up we have started doing bathtime together (we couldn't fit both of them in the tub with the bath sling, but both fit fine sitting up). Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that I can do bathnight alone. With 1 hand holding onto Ryan (who likes to go bobbing for bath toys) and 1 hand holding onto Allie (who prefers laying down and tries to lay back every time she gets a toy) - there aren't any hands left to clean babies! It does mean that they finish bathtime at the same time and we no longer have 1 baby with a finished bottle trying to drift off to dreamland while the other is getting wrestled into pajamas and screaming for their bottle (the 2nd baby used to be fed up and ready for a bottle by the end of bathtime - we have much less of that now that we can do them at the same time!). Mostly, I thought I would share this because I couldn't resist the adorable photo op of the babies in their tubby!


Anonymous said...

Tubby Babies "THE BEST" luv it!
Everytime I see their faces I just want to be there. I hate living so far away. I wish I could help more, and see u guys. This twice a year stuff just ain't COOL :(
Hugs & Kisses from Far away NANA

the monkey's mama said...

I can't imagine bathing two babies. Now that R and C are older, bathing two cousins is fun but man-oh-man when they are slippery and not yet mobile...then things get interesting! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Happy Halloween!

Can't wait to see Allie as a kitty (and of course, Ryan as a tiger--is that what he is? totally forgetting)