October 16, 2009

Loralee's Wedding: Part 2

The ultimate highlight of the weekend was, of course, the wedding. Only slightly less was the opportunity to see family & friends - many of whom we hadn't seen in a LONG time.

Nana, Papi, and Aunt Loralee met us when we arrived. This was a monumental visit for Papi because it was his first time holding the twins (he wasn't feeling well when he came out after the twins were born, so the NICU recommended he keep his distance). For one day they had Nana & Papi all to themselves and then Papa and Gigi (my parents) came to watch the babies while the rest of us were at the rehearsal and wedding. Logan, Mindy, and Harper arrived next (our first time meeting our niece - she's so adorable!!!). After that the family poored in - Great Grandma Dunsmore, Aunt Darlene, Uncle Pat, Great Grandma Diller, Auntie Rosey. And then, of course, they made the rounds at the wedding (and I couldn't tell you who all they met because they were with my parents, but my guess is that they pretty much met everyone...and for those who didn't meet them at this wedding, Logan's is coming soon!).

Holding Harper for the first time!!

Ryan & Auntie Rosey

Allie & Great Grandma Diller

Lucas and I relished the opportunity to be with our family. The most difficult part about living so far away is being so cut off from the lives of the people we love. We met sweet Harper for the first time - she was almost 3 months old. We hadn't seen Logan and Mindy in over a year, and we hadn't seen aunts, uncles, and cousins in a little over two years...too long. Lucas and I both lamented that there wasn't enough time to really spend the quality time with everyone that we wanted to. But we were thankful for every minute we had. One person I was especially thankful to have so much unexpected time with was Mindy. The entire time she & Logan have been together we have lived out here, so we've never had many opportunities to hang out. But, since we both had babies we tended to stick around the condo more and I left truly feeling I had a new friend - and wishing even more that we lived closer.

Of course, after all of the hellos came all the goodbyes. They basically happened in reverse order - many aunts, uncles & cousins we only saw at the wedding. My parents left the morning after (tears), Grant & Loralee and Logan & Mindy left in the afternoon (more tears), and we left Nana & Papi Monday morning (still more tears). The comfort is knowing that we will see everyone again soon at Logan and Mindy's wedding!
Since we've come home:
So, both babies have been sick since we've come home. They came home with colds (part of the reason Ryan screamed in the hotel...stuffy nose, couldn't breath). The colds stuck for an amazingly long time (which is apparently common for first colds in babies?). Then, as the colds moved out, a tummy bug settled in. Today I had my fewest poopy diapers of any day this week - only a combined total of 6. Every other day this week has been in the double digits :( However, the twins have been shockingly joyful throughout the illnesses (Lucas and I act worse when we're sick!), and I keep trying to praise God for the bugs because they are building antibodies in my babies. Sick now means healthy later (even though it takes a lot of sickness to get to the fully healthy...)

Lucas & Harper, Loralee & Ryan, Logan & Allie


Anonymous said...

It was like Christmas morning when everyone woke up and started holding each others babies and all the laughter. Dan and I loved it.

the monkey's mama said...

oh i love love love all these posts! and pictures! love it all!

Lauren and Jeff said...

The hard part about seeing family when you're used to being apart is that it makes you remember how much you miss them. It was truly great getting to spend a few minutes with you guys at the wedding. We'll be praying that God's plan brings you all a little closer to family soon.

Kim said...

We were so bummed we didn't get to see you more! I didn't even get to meet Morgan :( We'll see you again at Logan's wedding, right?

Lauren and Jeff said...

Yes, we'll be at Logan's wedding, but we're leaving Morgan in Flint with my parents. I didn't realize you never got a chance to meet her. :(

Kim said...

I lied! Uncle Dave did bring her over briefly & she kept saying "Baby!" It was so brief, I forgot. It will be good to see you two again though!