April 20, 2013

Week in Review

You already know how our week started

Wednesday (after a follow up pedi appointment where we discovered Ryan's ears are still filled with fluid...which is why he is constantly saying, "What did you say?  Say it louder!") we met up with the cousins at the Bouncy Castle!
A dozen bouncy castles, and they all want to "play" the arcade games (we don't put in money, so they don't actually play).
 We didn't stay as long as we'd originally planned because the kids all stopped playing and said they were tired.
"We just want to rest here.  We're too tired to bounce."  What?!
 Thursday, we had the warmest day to date!  But we didn't get to enjoy it because we were under a tornado watch the entire day - and the weather was very windy with frequent downpours.  Boo.  We did spend a lot of the day in the basement (I re-organized our storage so that we can walk in without fear of being crushed in an avalanche of plastic storage bins.  Go me!), and the twins put together all of their puzzles to create a puzzle of puzzles (8 puzzled each with 24-60 pieces).  I wanted to get a picture, but they pulled all the puzzles apart pretty about 30 seconds after they finished putting the last one together...

Toward the end of the day, Ryan kept complaining about being cold.  I discovered he had a fever.  By bedtime, he looked like this:
And Friday he wasn't much better.  The doctor had warned us that it was about to get worse with his ears due to the crazy weather coming.  We just hadn't been prepared for how much worse...

What was better on Friday?  Suspects identified, one down, and an ever closing manhunt for #2.
What was crazy about Friday?  This was all going down in town where we used to live.
We lived in Watertown before moving here.  It was surreal to see the news conferences happening at the mall where I used to shop, the news correspondents set up on corners that were so familiar, and various scenes in places that remind me of home.  They took #2 to the hospital where the twins were born and lived for the first 3 weeks of their life (and where I lived for 3 weeks before they were born).  The most surreal, though, was when they released the video footage of the shootout the night before...and there was suspect #1 in the road...in front of our former Pediatrician's office.  It was so jarring to see something so raw and horrible happening in front of a place that was always a haven of safety and health for me.  After a day glued to the news (partly because I wanted to know what was happening, partly because I was hungry for pictures of "home"), and many ups and downs, they caught suspect #2.  We breathed a sigh of relief for our former community, and celebrated as best we could.
Champagne and ice cream.
Saturday ended up having a special adventure that I was going to include here...until I realized how many pictures I had.  So I'll save that for another time.

And one last crazy Happy Dance For Boston.

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