April 03, 2013


Easter always seems to be one of two extremes.  Either we're sick...and sort of miss it.  Or we're super busy and it flies by.  This year was one of the "fly by" variety.  One different thing about this year, compared to other years, is that the twins and I attended all the special services: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  The Maundy Thursday was very interactive, and the twins enjoyed participating in different parts of the service with the people at our table.  Good Friday - a service I don't usually take them to due to it's somber, quiet nature - they were exceptionally well behaved and quiet.  And Easter...well, I actually didn't really get to be with them on Easter, but they seemed to have fun.
Before church with their baskets.  I didn't get a single picture on Sunday morning, so thanks to Nana for sharing her picture!
Sunday morning we had breakfast at church (always yummy), and then the twins stayed with Nana while I practiced with the choir (on Thursday, I was asked by the choir to join them on Sunday for the Easter Anthem).  I spent the first half of the service in the choir loft, and the second half hiding eggs for the egg hunt after the service.  By the time I got back, they were getting ready to sing the final hymn!  After the service, I gave the kids directions for the egg hunt...and the next thing I knew it was over and we were the last ones at the church.  The morning flew by.
A quick family picture in the sanctuary, thanks to Aunt Mindy.
My favorite memories from Easter this year:
Making "Resurrection Rolls" with the twins and cousins Saturday morning.
Teaching the kids to sing, and then hearing during the service,  "Up From the Grave He Arose."
Being surprised, Sunday morning, by seeing almost all of our caterpillars hanging upside-down (and one in a cocoon!).
All creation displays the glory of God - the caterpillar by acting out the transformation we find in Christ: death to our former self, transforming change, and life as a new creature.
Ice Cream at Freddie's with Nana
Making Videos
Ryan taping mommy.
If I remember how to get the videos off the camcorder, I will definitely post them.  They are of the twins singing songs from church.  Adorable.  

Although busy, every moment a wonderful reminder of the blessings I have in Christ.
Hallelujah!  What a Savior!
He is risen!


Anonymous said...

I seriously think this Easter was the biggest blur and I stayed an extra day. It was super fun to watch the kids have such a great Easter and I have to say see'in them all at church and so happy was the best. Ryan singing his song was just the best and Allie, well everyone around stopped to listen to her. I hope you figure out how to get the video on here cause Little G would sure love to hear them. A Risen Christ, healthy grandkids, awesome dinner, what else could we ask for? Hugs from Nana

Valerie said...

Looks like much fun was had! And I love the caterpillar updates. How neat to have them get to that development point right around Easter!

Anonymous said...

Kim,Yes, how precious to have the caterpillars and their 'death' in the cocoon and them becoming 'new creations' to tell the Easter story. Such a glorious Day for us all to know that our Savior is risen!! Hugs, Grandma