May 27, 2012

Nebraska Adventures Part 4: The Zoo!

For a while, my parents have wanted to take the kids to the zoo where they took me when I was little.  This trip was the perfect chance!  

An unexpected bonus: the zoo membership Nana and Poppy got the twins for their birthday got us all in free!  So, we splurged on tickets for the horses and the train.
Riding the horses was a big deal because they went without me!  They looked so big on those horses.
Allie's horse was named Tinkerbelle.  She was so thrilled!

We saw some cool animals
 Being flamingos
 The noisy gibbon
Papa bought some food and let them feed the llamas and the goats.

Ryan and Allie checked out what it would be like if they hatched from an egg.
We spent some time hamming it up at the photo boards

We ate some lunch (you might think that is boring, but I ordered the kids chocolate was one of Ryan's favorite things at the zoo!)
When we were all finished, we went to the depot to wait for the train.
Waving at the train going by (it goes around twice)
The kids were so excited when we got on the train!
And I got the picture I wanted.  See, somewhere there is a picture of me, when I was about the twins' age, riding on the train with my parents and grandparents (I looked for it, but apparently I don't have a copy here...)!  It was so much fun to get a similar photo for my kids!


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures..and they do look old on the horses. It looked like so much fun. Wish I was there to see it. Glad the zoo pass is a gift that keeps giving. :) Hugs From Nana

Anonymous said...

It was fun and Thanks Nana and Poppy for tickets that blessed us too. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Love, love the happy Ryan frog!!! I will look and see if I can locate our picture of you and us on the train!!! Hopefully I can find it and will keep it in sight until you come in August. It is a sweet picture as I had it on the frig for a long time. One of the zillion precious memories. Grandma