May 26, 2012

Nebraska Adventures Part 3: Simple Fun

There were 2 things we took on our trip that the twins were dying to wear as soon as possible.  The first were their new TaeKwon Do uniforms.
 We got them 2 days before we left, and I quickly sewed on their patches to make them look ultra-official.
 They couldn't wait to show off their uniforms and some of their moves.  Unfortunately, that wore off by Texas and Lala (who gave them the birthday money that purchased the uniforms) didn't get to see them :(
The other was their brand new swimsuits.  We had no plans to swim before getting to Texas, but mom and I set up the sprinkler (with the help of a phone call to my dad...seriously how many people does it take to get a sprinkler going?  One.  My dad.).

Because I missed my dad's instructions to turn the nozzles up, the water didn't hit them above knee-level.  So they sat down.

Hooray for simple fun!


Anonymous said...

Loving all these cute pictures but it is sad to see how big they are getting. Tears :( Nana

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe how big they are either and they talk so grown up too. Love to listen to them talking with each other. Gigi