May 26, 2012

Nebraska Adventures Part 2: Papa's Work

Something that is part of every trip to Nebraska is a trip to the town where I grew up.  Not only do I have a lot of family there that I want to see, but it is also where my dad works (and the twins love seeing Papa's Work).  Now, I intended to get pictures with my cousins (especially the cousins who graduated), and my aunt...but somehow it didn't happen.  I did get a picture of the twins with my grandparents (Nebraska Grandpa and Grandma as they are affectionately called).  My favorite thing was that, on the way over, Ryan told me all about the things he couldn't wait to see at their house - remembering in incredible detail the toys, the house, and the grandparents.It shouldn't shock me - they have memories of steel - but it still makes me happy when they remember people I love :)

The last thing we did was visit Papa's work - the first time in the new building!
They got to help Uncle Matt work the parts counter
and visit the shop and lofted storage area with Papa
A bird's eye view of the shop
They got to sit in and pretend to drive a bunch of the vehicles ("constructions" as Allie called them - since they look similar).

some references for the size of some of the vehicles into which they climbed:

They weren't able to get into some of the sprayers (because they were being either fixed or torn apart), but Papa and Uncle Matt helped them peek inside.
And, to top it all off, Papa and Uncle Matt took them for a ride on the golf cart.

I told my dad that, if we lived closer, I would totally bring the moms' group to his work.  The chance to climb into big vehicles is always super cool!


Anonymous said...

Looks way cool...i need to visit there someday :) Hugs from Nana

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you got the picture of the twins and us, Kim. A treasured picture of that day. So great to have the twins here!! But so sorry that you didn't get any of the rest of the family at graduation etc. Maybe in August!! Love the pictures of where Papa works!! Grandma

Anonymous said...

Your more than welcome to visit we will live only 6 town blocks away. They sure enjoy papas work place. Gigi