September 23, 2011


You might have noticed lately that I've let Ryan's hair get pretty long. I just loved those curls! But it was getting to a point where I needed to "style" it for it to look nice...and was occasionally just hiding it with hats...and I knew I needed to give in and cut his hair!
We forgot to take a "before" picture. But this is from the cousin photo shoot...a few weeks before the cut!
The big deal was that I decided to buy a clipper kit (that I spied a while ago and was waiting for it to go on sale!!!). My freshmen year of college I made extra money by cutting guys' hair in my dorm lobby. I ended up giving that kit away when I stopped cutting hair. A bummer since it was definitely better than the one I got. But it suits our needs. The good news is that, even though it had been 9 years since my last hair cut (with clippers...I've cut Ryan's hair a couple times with just scissors), I still remembered how to use it!
Between an Elmo movie & the cool clippers he enjoyed the haircut!
See how much is on the cape?
I also decided that Allie was going to have her first haircut. In general, I haven't felt a need to cut her hair. I love those curls! But, the tangles at the end were starting to get too difficult to comb through, and I thought a trim might solve the problem...
Posing for her "before" picture.
She was great. The cut went fast. She was incredibly thrilled to be getting in on the hair cutting action!
The only problem is that I accidentally cut more than I intended (I was trying to get a decent sample to save...), and I accidentally layered it more than I wanted. I planned the haircut out ahead of time, but got preoccupied with saving hair and my plans totally flew out of my head! The biggest problem being that her sweet curls actually curled up more once they were shorter, and now she has a bob that sticks a little closer to her head...still cute. And it made a huge difference when I comb her hair after a bath/shower - mission accomplished!
The "after" pictures. We forgot to get one of Allie, but she posed for a quick picture as I was writing this post! I've been told that you can't really tell a difference, but if you look up at the other picture you can tell there is some volume gone. I feel like there is a HUGE difference...but I spend a lot more time each day with these curls :)
Ry-guys haircut made the biggest difference though. He immediately looked older. He loves it. For a full 24 hours he giggled every time he looked in the mirror! I can't get over it. I keep touching his hair (or lack thereof), and I'm in awe of how much it changed his appearance. I feel like he officially lost any "baby" look that he had left. If I had known that 10 minutes with the clippers would take my baby away, I probably would have put it off longer!!!
Now Lucas wants to see if I can cut his hair...He's far more picky than the twins, so I'm a little unsure. But, I always hate when he gets a haircut (they cut it too short, I love his curls too!), so I might like the opportunity to have a little more control...and perhaps he will be consider not cutting it so short when he knows he can ask his barber for a trim anytime he wants!


Anonymous said...

Kim ....tears tears...Ry guy looks so different. He looks like he could go to school. Oh I don't want them to grow up fast. I can totally see the difference in Allie also. Still the cutest kids ever but...Ry guy looks so so different. Grandpa always liked little boys to look like boys but I'm like you "I loved the curls." I always hated my curly hair so much cause it is so thick. Lucas most definitely got his coarse curly hair from me, I'm so glad you love it. Hugs from tearful Nana. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked Ry guys curls too. He was adorable as he so stated one day on his tricyle. He does look so grown up now but he also can have such a good conversation with me now that is so special to hear and understand what he is saying as well. Love Allies curls too and She still looks so sweet even with thinner hair. can't see it tho at least from what I can tell. with love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Wow! Time flies. The tiwns are getting so grown up and now even look grown up. It brings back a lot of memories for me. My Dad taught me to cut hair when I was 10years old and I cut all 7 of my brother's hair and our 5 boys' hair and your Grandpa's as well so I cut a LOT of hair in my life. That saved a lot of money! The Grandma's said all the cute things so I had to take a different turn. Love and hugs, Grandma

Anonymous said...

P.S. I looked at the darling pictures again. You do very good work, Kim! I think we both should have taken up barbering as a career! Grandma

Anonymous said...

We will see how you do on Lucas. Maybe you can cut my hair in October.


Anonymous said...

They are too adorable!!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Another case of me reading your posts out of order! I was reading the "Parade" post and thinking that the kids looked a lot older in the pics (especially Ryan), but I didn't realize why. I'm impressed with the haircuts. You did a nice job.

Valerie said...

Oh, goodness. TOO cute.