September 11, 2011


Yesterday our church hosted its second annual Community Carnival. You might remember last rained...buckets. This year there was rain in the forecast, but it actually turned out to be the most perfect weather! It was a truly fun day...even better because we got to spend it with many of the people in the community we have come to know through some of these events this past year!

Now...this post could have been titled "Firetrucks & Ambulances" because, to my kids, that was what the carnival was really about. The obsession with all things firetruck related led to us getting a firetruck book on our most recent trip to the library (the most awesome firetruck book I could think of - kids pretending to be fire fighters, real firefighters showing up & letting them explore the fire engine, a quick lesson on what to do in a fire - it has everything!). Daddy told them, after reading the book one night, that they would get to see REAL fire trucks up close on Saturday, and this has been ALL they have talked about the rest of the week. They even woke up Saturday morning saying, "We go see firetrucks now?" So this was, of course, our first stop at the carnival.
Exploring inside.

They could access more places inside the ambulance though (and the paramedic, desiring that they feel excitement and familiarity with the ambulance should they ever have to ride in one, let them explore & push buttons to their hearts content), and Ryan loved to sit in the front and "drive."
Another favorite stop was the balloon animal/face painting tent. I desperately wanted them to get their faces painted (how cute would those pictures have been??!!), but they only wanted balloon animals. They are still loving on their balloon dogs.

They played lots of games...even ones that were too hard for them...but they ended up with almost 50 tickets to split between them for prizes!
Duck pond!

Yes...this fell down with her on it about 3 seconds after I snapped this picture. She was fine. The game completely broke...
Which is why Daddy had to hold it up for Ry-guy here.
Allie getting instructions on how to bowl with a coconut (side note: she listened & it helped!)
There was also a bounce house (which they played in 3 times, but because there were always so many other little kids in there, I didn't climb in to get pictures), and a fun slide/house/climbing wall combo for toddlers that was recently given to our church! We spent plenty of time there :)

And then BACK to the firetruck & ambulance (we went there 3 times!)
We stayed until cleanup (it ended up being about 3 hours!), and the twins clearly thought they were in heaven. Every time I would suggest something new, their eyes would light up and they would give me these looks like they couldn't even believe so much fun could exist in one place. At one point Ryan said, "This is the best day ever" - a phrase he picked up from who knows where...but I think it was true!
Running to the van when it was over with their arms full of prizes :)
SUCH a fun day! Bonus: they slept VERY well last night!


Anonymous said...

Now I even more wish I would have time I won't think so much and just do it. Hugs from Nana and I'm so happy everyone had fun.

Lauren and Jeff said...

Morgan has not developed a fascination for fire trucks or anything of that nature really. But that sounds like a great book, so I'm off to request it from our library!

Kim said...

Lauren, I loved that it combined creative play (they dress up like firefighters & use things like boxes & tubing to be their trucks & hoses), with real fire trucks, AND a lesson on what to do in a fire! It was all my favorite things :)