May 13, 2011

This Year's First Zoo Trip!!!

After a talk about how Mother's Day being on Lucas' biggest workday of the week being a huge bummer for me, we decided to observe Mother's Day during the week. How did we celebrate? By going to the zoo. If you've followed us for very long (a.k.a a year), you know that I LOVE taking them to the zoo :) For our first trip of the summer we went to the Toledo Zoo!

The classic picture on the tortoises

They have a FABULOUS kids area, that we weren't able to fully enjoy last time we were there.

In the goat pen - this goat kept following Ryan to nuzzle him.

The goats were happy to be fed, which, you may remember from the cows, is one of Ryan's favorite things to do!

The pen filled up with kids and the goats started to retreat into their house. Allie wanted to see where they were all going :)

They have an enchanted forest type area indoors, and Ryan loved sitting on the toadstools.

They have a "bug" theme indoors - ants, spiders, bees - and after climbing all over the giant honeycomb exhibit, Allie noticed there was a real beehive!

It took a while, but they discovered a sand box. We had to bribe them (after a significant amount of time) to leave.

We bribed them with the playground and they had a blast going down the slides!

As you can tell, we didn't spend a ton of time looking at the animals. The way the zoo was laid out, the exhibits that we love (like the hippos) were closed and were first, the children's area is in the middle (and we spent the majority of our time there), and they were so cranky and ready for naps by the time we made it to the back exhibits that we decided to just go. But, last year they were new walkers and we were never fully able to enjoy the kids play areas, so it was fun to be able to fully enjoy those places this year!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the kids had a great day. But, did mom too? I'm sure if your anything like me when my kids were having fun it warmed my heart with alot of Joy. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a memorably great day. Is there a little kid that doesn't love the sandbox. I LOVED playing in it, too, with them. The animals were so friendly and neat. Fun for all, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Super cute your zoo days. Nana