February 04, 2009

Things I am thankful for or appreciate more...

Being in bedrest at the hospital has made me appreciate some surprising things...since I hope none of you ever have to have an extended hospital stay...I figured I would pass these things along so you can appreciate them too (or for me).

I am VERY thankful for:
Time to read - I've read 5 books,and 6 magazines already! It's heavenly!
Internet - we didn't have it at the hosp. in NY, and I feel so much more connected having it here!
Not having to cook OR cleanup after the meal.
Showers. That is my only "out of bed time" I get...No matter how short it always is refreshing, and makes me feel more human and ready to go back to another day in bed.
24, American Idol, Ugly Betty, and The Office -these shows help the evenings fly by, and help me keep track of what day it is.
The Oscars - Oscar night this year happens to be our 32 week anniversary, and I'm more excited about them coming than I ever have been before!!!
Friends & family who call, write, or visit - it helped soften the blow of being stuck in NY, and made the renegade trip to MA so worth it!
A window to see the outside world (even if it is only a patch of sky and another building!)
My husband - who has taken such good care of me. I have never loved him more.
That there are only 17 days, 13 hours, and 16 minutes left until we are 32 weeks (not that I'm obssessivel counting...)
All of the prayers - I can't wait to someday tell these babies how many people prayed for them...it has been humbling and overwhelming to have so many people wrap us in prayer, we feel the support, and it has been such a blessing!

Things I appreciate more:
My bed at home - so soft, with nice pillows, and a lovely view...I dream about my bed...
Sleeping next to (or even in the same room with) my husband. I'll even take the occassional snoring!
A Homemade meal (yes, I don't have to cook or cleanup,but there is a trade off in quality...)
DVR...I keep wanting to pause or rewind programs, and I can't! I've gotten so spoiled!
walking and/or running! I dream about nice weather and taking a LONG walk...or even running a little (Since the farthest distance I currently walk is from the bed to the bathroom I can't imagine I would have the endurance for much more than a VERY short run!)
Alarm clocks (as opposed to waking up to a steady stream of Residents, Doctors, and nurses - all of whom are wonderful and appreciated).
Fresh air
The medical care available these days

Random story - I feel like a mini celebrity here...every new doctor or nurse who comes in tells me "I've heard all about you and how you left NY!" A few have said they think it's great that we were so gutsy...most laugh at how we fled the hosp. there. While I knew it would be a great story to pass on to the twins someday, I didn't realize it would be such a hit at the hospital!

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Lauren and Jeff said...

What I wouldn't give for time to read and someone to cook and clean my meals for me! I'm glad you're enjoying these simple pleasures - while they last.