February 08, 2009

30 weeks!!!!

Today we are officially 30 weeks! It feels so good to finally be out of the 20's :) The official countdown is now at 13 days, 17 hours, and 25 minutes to 32 weeks! Every day we get more relieved, less nervous, and more excited. Every day I start to feel more like 32 weeks is not a finish line that I will desperately crawl across, but potentially a milestone that we will joyfully pass on our way to a later due date. Where we once thought we might not make it to 30 weeks, 34 weeks seems like much more of a possibility!
I am currently trying to decide how to celebrate and mark the 32 week milestone. Now that it seems very possible that we will make it there, I feel like we have to do something special on that day...I just don't know exactly what...If you have any suggestions, let me know.
I have now been in this hospital 10 days (22 days total in a hosp.). It has also been a relief to go this long, while still being stable, after the great escape from NY. Our renegade actions do not seem to have any negative effects! As far as being bored - I've been doing very well...I try to alternate between reading,watching tv or movise, talking with friends, browsing online, and playing Hoyle card games...A HUGE thanks to cousin Lauren for all of the magazines. Not only were they a huge distraction for me, but I've passed them along to some of the other women on the unit as well.
Thanks for your continued prayers. Currently, the big thing we are waiting on is finding out about the possibility of going home! Tomorrow (Monday) they are going to review my case. There is a chance that I could go home as early as this week (which is exciting and terrifying - there is comfort in being monitored daily, hearing their heartbeats, and knowing I have immediate help should something go unexpectedly wrong). Otherwise, it will be reviewed on a week by week basis. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and peace for us - whatever the decision.

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Lauren and Jeff said...

If you're still at the hospital when 32 weeks rolls around, maybe you can celebrate the milestone by getting out of your room for a bit. You could ask if they'll let Lucas push you around the hospital (or maybe even outside for a few minutes) in a wheelchair. Wouldn't that be nice?