February 26, 2009

My American Idol Babies

My babies love music. I knew this early on. From the very first movements I felt, I noticed a pattern - I felt them most when I was singing along with the radio in the car, or when we were singing at church. Music always moved them. They have pretty good taste too. I began to notice recently that certain songs always evoked a response, no matter how quiet they had previously been. The one I noticed the most was Coldplay's Viva la Vida. I thought I had noticed a pattern of them dancing to it, but it was solidified the night of the Grammy's when they were completely still until the moment the drum beat started and they went crazy! They only stopped when the song stopped, and they started up again when the song won "Song of the Year" and they played it again - and since they seem to so enjoy the song that won song of the year, I feel this is an early sign of good taste.

So, last night we watched American Idol (a weekly ritual in our household), and I started to notice that the twins seemed to respond to certain singers. The speaker happened to be lying on the pillow next to my stomach, so they could hear very well. They did NOT like the 2nd guy who sang - I know this because he sang Viva la Vida and they didn't move at all. Apparently they didn't approve of his rendition...For the most part I approved of their choices. They moved for almost all of the same singers I approved of - with one exception. They really seemed to like Nick/Norman. While I agree with them - the guy does actually have a good voice - they cannot SEE him...and he's very strange. So I didn't know whether to be shocked and disapprove, or chalk it up to their lack of a visual...

We're going to watch the results show tonight, and it will be interesting to see how correct they are at predicting the winners. I will say that I was thrilled that our babies seem to enjoy American Idol. Someday, we will be able to watch it all togtether!!! If it stays on the air long enough to hold their attention span (currently they HAVE to be a captive audience because they're stuck with me...but I get the feeling 2 year olds may not be able to sit through the entire thing...).

Tomorrow is the first day of the family's guesses (Logan picked the 27th), we'll keep you updated and let you know who's right!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but think of the twins last night when we were watching American Idol. What a nice story to hear our little babies already love music. I fact they are all I think about some days. We are playing a game at the shower who picks the right date and time. If Logan is right we won't be playing that game!! Hugs to everyone. Denise (Nana):)

the McGee family said...

We watch AI too!!! But I can't tell if Sam likes it or not.

Kristen (Childs) McGee