November 13, 2013

Another Week of Thankfulness

This month is flying by too quickly.  I keep seeing Christmas decorations hanging or hearing carols on the radio.  I'm dragging my feet and holding onto my month of thankfulness for all I'm worth.

November 8
Me: Surprise Story Time.  We went to preschool, on a day that was not our normal day, for Dads and Donuts - a special morning where the dads were invited to a special circle time, donuts and cider, and to spend some time in the classroom participating in their kid's favorite preschool activities.  It was amazing (I was acting as photographer, so I got to be a fly on the wall).  After, Lucas was meeting up with a friend and fellow preschool dad for breakfast.  The twins and I needed to fill the time and I figured we would just go to the town's (amazing) library.  When we got there we found out it was story time and were invited to stay.  It turned out to not be just any story time but critter day.  A local gentleman brought in all of his animals for the kids to see, touch, and learn about.  It was awesome.  Even better, completely unplanned several of our friends showed up too!  Best surprise turnout of the morning ever.
Ryan: New Mama Bear.  Ever since the twins learned to do buttons, they are obsessed with clothes that button, especially pajamas.  But pajamas with buttons are more difficult to find than one would think.  Gigi found some that are not only adorable and button up but that came with toys that have matching pajamas.  Since Ryan's has a little bear peeking out of the pocket (that he named "Baby Bear") the Teddy Bear had to be named "Mama Bear."  He loves Mama Bear (and her peek-a-boo baby).
Allie: New Baby Doll, Heart.  Allie's new baby doll is the one that came with her set of pajamas.  The heart I cannot explain.  I was actually busy hosting a Norwex party during bedtime and Lucas did the thankful hands.
In their new jammies.  For some reason, Allie took the doll's jammies off... 

November 9
Me: Winning the Rivalry.  I haven't talked much about football this year.  Partly because our teams have not had stellar seasons.  Partly because our children, for the first season ever, have taken sides and support their teams fervently.  We have actually watched more football as a family, but the lines are clearly drawn, we watch and cheer as a house divided, and the youngest family members take it VERY seriously.  We have been anticipating the MI vs. NE game with some trepidation.  With neither of our teams playing well, the outcome was completely unpredictable.  My team won (I believe that is 2 out of 3, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)!  And I am thankful.  But it also made my son cry...and that made it slightly less fun.  That's what you get for siding with Daddy...
Cheering for their teams.  You have to listen for Ryan as he runs in and out of the picture because...
...this is what happened when I tried to keep them in the picture together...
Ryan: Daddy.  Even though he encouraged him to root for a losing team...
Allie: Daddy.  In all seriousness, they have an amazing Dad who does so much for them.  Including bedtime that evening.  We are all thankful for him!
Eating Donuts with Daddy.
November 10
Me: Visiting Friends.  Truthfully, this was a rough day.  The twins had been developing a cough, and the night before I had spent most of the night up with Ryan...and I got pee'd on twice.  I was completely exhausted, and the kids were both "sick" in that they were stuffed and had coughs but it somehow had no effect on their energy level.  Since Sunday is kind of a busy day for Lucas, I was home all day with no energy and hyper yet cranky (because they didn't feel well) kids.  But the day was topped off with the arrival of friends from up north.  It was so fun to stay up talking and hang out with them.  
Ryan: Allie.  Such a good brother.
Allie: Poppy has no more work!  He's off the boat and Allie is so relieved.  At prayer time, she prayed for everyone on Poppy's boat - who are surely lonely without him.
Giving Daddy the presents they made.

November 11
Me: Sleep.  After the night I had Saturday, and staying up late with friends on Sunday, I was dragging by Monday.  Lucas, who technically had the day off, stayed home a little longer from lunch and let me nap on the couch.  I definitely appreciated the extra sleep!
Ryan: New Pajamas.  These are the pajamas from Gigi again.  In fact, after the first night they wore them, they begged me to wash them so they could wear them again...which they did the next night.  And 2 nights later he is wearing them again!
Allie: Ryan.  They love each other so much!
I was taking pictures when I suddenly turn to see Lucas blindfolded!  It is an activity where they have to match items based on touch.  Leave it to Allie to test Daddy!
Ok, I know this picture is sideways.  I literally did everything I could to turn it.  In my pictures folder and editing program it is upright, but no matter which way I turn it, when I upload it to the blog it is sideways.  I like it you'll just have to turn your head...
November 12
Me: My Pediatrician's Office.  I loved our pediatrician in MA.  His whole office.  A lot.  I thought I would never find a pediatrician and staff that I loved as much.  Every time I have to call our pediatrician's office I am so thankful I found them.  The staff are wonderful and helpful.  Our pediatrician is amazing.  They never make me feel like I'm an overly obsessive parent, they always listen to me, and they make an effort to really connect with my kids.  Can you tell we  had to visit the pediatrician?  The kids had lingering colds/coughs that hadn't gotten terrible, but had gone on for longer than I was comfortable.  We know so many people that have battled colds that turned into bronchitis that turned into pneumonia that turned into laryngitis.  I wanted to make sure we weren't heading into that cycle.  It turns out they have secondary sinus infections.  The doctor affirmed that once it gets to be over a week, it is a good idea to bring them in even if their symptoms don't seem to get worse.  She told me that what I had been doing in the meantime definitely prevented ear infections.  Most importantly, the nurse remembered the twins' favorite game of counting the numbers to find our exam room and started it (I usually prompt the game) even though we haven't been there in months!
Ryan &Allie: We forgot.  Honestly, I'm impressed we made it this far into November before we forgot a night!

November  13
Me: Picture Day.  Our preschool asks for parent volunteers to take the school pictures and put together the directory each year.  Since I love taking pictures, I volunteered.  Today was picture day and I got rare access to the day-to-day workings of the preschool.  I loved every minute.  I love seeing the way things run.  Everything I see makes me love our preschool even more.  Such an incredible learning environment.  I also loved getting to finally put faces to the names the twins throw around each day.  I'm always hearing that they played with so-and-so or a new shirt is super cool because so-and-so at school has the same one.  Now I actually know who these kids are!  And I LOVED interacting with preschoolers during the picture taking - the cheesy smiles, the funny things they say, their excitement over a visitor in the classroom.  They provided many smiles that lasted throughout the day.
Ryan: Caleb.  A new best friend who got to come over for the afternoon.  He and Ryan spent the whole time playing with the train table.  They were in little boy heaven.  Except for when Allie crashed her toys into their trains...because she was feeling left out...
Allie: Mommy.  Sweet girl.  Melts my heart.

And even though I'm about a day short of a week, I'm posting...because if I wait it will be another several days!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pj's Gigi!! Gigi is such a good shopper and I'm thankful for that cause Nana has 6 to buy for so I have to limit the spending because of that. Love all the pictures, they are so nice. Glad to hear they went to the doctor, I'm still fighting something. I've been out of it for 2 months without feeling 100%. Prayers everyone is healthy before the holidays!! Hugs from Nana