November 15, 2013

Kids Say...

I have the most amazing, and often strange, conversations with the twins these days.  Most of the things out of their mouths are pure comedic gold.  Sometimes, if I remember, I jot them down or text them to myself.  Most, I forget, and they are golden nuggets of conversation destined to be forgotten forever.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Upon hearing a loud, awful scraping sound.
Allie: That's awful!  That sound tastes horrible!
Me: Tastes?  Sounds have taste?
Allie:  Yes.
Me: How did that sound taste?
Allie: Middle-size.
Ryan:  Mom!  I just saw a woman who traveled to the city!
Me: What city?
Ryan: The Iowa City.
Me: How do you know that is where she traveled?
Ryan: I saw it on her purse.
My fortune in a fortune cookie said I would receive great care and comfort in old age.
Me:  How wonderful!  This means you will take good care of me when I'm old!
Allie:  Yes.  I snuggle with you all the time.
Me: Yes, but this says you will snuggle with me when I'm old!
Allie: I know.  That's why I snuggle with you.  You are already old.
Ryan: I am a prince.  Allie, you are a princess.  You will always be my princess and I will always be your prince.
Daddy: How far do you guys think you can run?
Allie: All the way.
Upon hanging up the stuffed letter of his name (room decor that had fallen down):
Ryan: I hanged it up by myself!  Now it looks great AND I know who I am!
Upon moving a worm from the sidewalk to the grass.
Allie: I helped it get to its home!  I saved it!  I'm like a super hero!
Ryan on music:
"I like this song.  It sounds happy."
"I like this song.  It sounds like dancing."
"I don't like this song.  It makes me feel angry."
Or, for his most favorite songs, "Get ready to dance."
Ryan: Mommy, it makes me really angry that I didn't get to go to your wedding.
Me: I'm sorry, but you weren't born yet.
Ryan: Yes, I was!  I was just sitting in the car being angry that you didn't take me inside.
Allie: And I was in the car juggling.
Confession: I have had this post for a while.  I have been slowly collecting and building it for several weeks.  I am interrupting the Thankful posts to sneak in this post so I don't completely forget to post it!


Anonymous said...

This was way too funny!! I love hearing their little thoughts. Bless them always. Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

How precious are the children and the thoughts on life around them. Love it! Gigi and Papa