April 18, 2012


Out of all of the sports/activities for kids, there are only 2 I feel really adamant about the twins doing. One is piano lessons and the other is TaeKwon-do. I started reading about it a few years before the twins were born - a bit on a whim. I loved the way it focused on more than just physical fitness or even self defense, but also on things like balance, concentration, safety, responsibility, and character. It sounded like an amazing foundation for anything. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my friend contacted me to let me know that there was going to be a preschool class offered locally for a bargain price! I immediately signed us up!

Last night they had their first class. It was more of a meet and greet/introduction, but the twins really had so much fun!
Although it was only a short while before she was wanting to jump in, it took a while to get Allie away from the bugs. She was fascinated.
They played several games - duck, duck, goose (my kids' first time ever...it took a little while for them to get the idea), Sah Boo Says (Simon Says), and Frogs and Flies (seen below - while everyone closed their eyes, the instructor would tap someone to be the frog. That person would then stick their tongue out and knock down the "flies" while a "fly catcher" tried to figure out who was the frog).
Eyes closed!
She had been holding her tongue out for several rounds, so it was great when she finally was the frog!
Ryan was such a powerful frog, he knocked himself down!
The twins' favorite thing was when they got to practice kicking!

At the end, the older kids did a demonstration of the things they know at their levels. When we got home, the twins showed me their interpretation of the demonstrations. Adorable. They are so excited, and I am too! It will be even better when they get their uniforms!


Anonymous said...

ok i guess i'm dumb for asking this but why were there bugs?? Can't wait to hear and see more of this. Do they always have this on the same day? Will they ever have a time when they have to perform and we can come and watch? Just a few questions. Hugs from Nana

Imp said...

How fun! My brother and I took TaeKwon-Do lessons for years (I think we got to blue or brown belt) and it was great for us. I was pretty convinced I was going to be the next Pink Power Ranger. It definately gave us confidence and a good sense of respect. Our mom loved it too! Can't wait for Ryan and Allie to show me some of their moves :) Might even jog my memory of some of the Forms!

Kim said...

The bugs were those ladybug looking beetles that infiltrate everywhere. Allie is obsessed with ladybugs, so she loves them.
Because they are so young, they won't be testing until they move into the next group. But if you are here visiting you can come and watch the class and I'm sure they will give demonstrations whenever you want :)
Imp, they will be so excited to hear you took TaeKwon-Do too! And I really love that you aspired to be the next Pink Power Ranger - the dream of many girls in our generation :)

Anonymous said...

I am excited for all of you and hope to get to see class sometime when I am visiting. with love, Gigi