April 05, 2012

Popping In

We've been busy. We're always busy, but it seems like lately life is moving at a frantic pace and I can barely keep everything straight in my head. And since I want to attempt to enjoy every minute, I have to give things up. And lately it has been blogging...and picture taking...which affects the blogging. But I wanted to pop in quick before the Easter madness hits!
We have this pair of morning doves (at least that is what I think they are...) who have graced our deck since we moved in. We look for them every day, and frequently hear them cooing when we are outside.
They had a baby! They have been bringing him/her to our deck to hang out every day. It's like we are chick sitting. They leave and bring back food and fuss over him/her. It's been so much fun to watch!
This year I took over some of the Easter Activities in the church. Part of me feels like it was only natural. I'm an Activities Director. I can plan egg hunts and egg dying parties in my sleep :) Unfortunately, the twins woke up the morning of the big dying party with fevers (this was AFTER a night of waking Allie up every hour to check for signs of a concussion...yeah...it's been a fun week). Boo. So we dyed eggs at home!

Of course, an hour later Allie had hives all over her neck, chin, and chest. Turns out they cracked a few eggs while dropping them in (I didn't notice), and even though I had them thoroughly wash their hands after, the contact was enough to trigger an allergic reaction. Ryan broke out a teeny bit, but his eggs weren't nearly as cracked. I guess we have confirmed they still have an egg allergy...
Tonight is the first of the Easter week services at the church (We do Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and then Easter morning). Tomorrow, my dearest friends from college (we're talking my bridesmaids) are flying in from various parts of the country!! I can't wait! We haven't all been together since 2007! And we have a full weekend of Easter festivities planned, and another dear friend's wedding. So I'll have lots of pictures to share sometime later this month!


Anonymous said...

Oh I was so hoping they would out grow the egg allergy too. But at least they had some fun. Gigi

Anonymous said...

How precious to have doves on your deck. We have a lot, too, but ours are turtle doves which are a lot larger and some are almost white---just beautiful. I am amazed that they have raised a baby already!!! What a crazy spring. Your doves are a sign of peace and love. Blessed Easter to you all! Grandma and Grandpa