January 08, 2012

Little Adventures

I have a busy week ahead, so I decided to take advantage of a short break today to quickly throw some photos on the blog of what we've been up to (because I won't be posting again for a week or so. Sorry, Grandparents). The pictures aren't fabulous...because I had my camera on the wrong setting...and I didn't want to take the time to edit.

We've had unusually warm weather. It has been a bit disappointing because we want snow! But I won't complain about the sunshine. I'm loving the sunshine! We did get out and enjoy the little bit of snow, from a brief storm, before it melted!
One of the twins' favorite activities is looking for tracks in the snow. They try to guess what animal it was (they are usually convinced it is an alligator), and then follow the tracks to see where it went.
The tracks. I guessed rabbit...since we have a rabbit who frequents our yard.
They still love hugging the trees...
Another favorite adventure - searching for treasure in the bushes!
Collecting rocks.
Admiring the Holly berries.
Note: Have I ever mentioned how much I love this holly tree? We previously lived on holly street. The street had been named (which is a totally separate long story) by our landlord's wife when they lived in that house years earlier. She picked the name because of the holly bushes that lined the yard. I loved that bit of history that was part of their home there, and finding a holly bush in our yard here made me feel more at home when we first moved!
It even warmed up enough that we made a trip to the park (and the kiddos were so over-bundled that they kept shedding items so as not to over-heat!).
So happy to be at the park!
He would stop to smile at me every time he went down the slide!
Somebody push me!
Our friends joined us at the park. We've mentioned them before. The one's we were hoping we could convince not to move. No such luck. Their house sold and they leave at the end of the month. We were thankful for one last joint trip to the park (with them as residents...surely they will come back to visit and go to the park with us...right?).
Me & Baby J
Notice the giant envelope in my pocket? That is our application for our homes study! We picked it up from our mailbox on the way!!
Yup, they still fit this way...barely...
The twins love playing the piano, but get frustrated that they can't work the pedals like I do when I play. They found a solution to this problem:

I think this adorable...but it did occur to me that I'm in trouble if they ever realize they can do the same thing in the car!

I'm gearing up for potty parties this week! I will definitely be posting about these...next week...after the exhaustion is over :)


Anonymous said...

What an absolute treasure to be part of your life through your photos!!! And what joy to be looking at life through kids eyes with you. That is the wonder of being a Mom and Grandma---seeing God's glorious world through kids' eyes! Love and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Love the post Kim. Where is the snow? This is getting weird. 2 snowmobiles and no snow. Is it our fault? I'm beginning to wonder. The piano pictures are so cool. One playing and one pushing the pedals. They are so smart. Hugs from upnorth Nana...seein ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures specially the one of Lucas needed a push. Looks like fun outside with the kids them seem to be so impressed with so many things and it reminds me of how good God is to give us so many precious things to enjoy and beauty too. The twins have to be the best of all. love, Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

Good luck with the potty training! I bet it will go better than you expect. :)