January 24, 2012


We've been very disappointed with the lack of snow so far this winter. In fact, recently Allie told me, "Winter is supposed to bring me snow, but it didn't. Winter is being mean. It needs a spanking. But it is up in the sky, and I can't reach it. Please, Winter, give me snow!" The next day it snowed. We almost immediately invited ourselves over to our friends house to use their perfect sledding hill before they move. Thankfully, they were willing to host our sledding party...even though their daughter hates to sled...
The twins loved it!

Pretty soon they were racing!
It didn't take long for the adults to get in on the sledding action.
Seconds after this picture, she crashed...and I took about a zillion pictures of her trying to get up before I realized she could perhaps use some help. At least I didn't post the pictures of her flailing on the ground here. That should earn back a few friend points?
While the kids never made it this far, all of the adults crashed in the mini-forest.

The only one who somehow managed to pose for the camera...
The best part of the trip? This moment:
My friend didn't know, as she went down the hill, that her daughter failed to let go and was trailing behind her. It turned out to be the best thing. We couldn't coax sweet E onto a sled, but once she went down accidentally, she loved it! She went down a few more times (although not on her stomach...because it wasn't very comfortable)! We were so excited to be part of her sledding breakthrough!
Oh, and it rained the next day and our snow is essentially gone. I'm pretty sure we are going to get blizzards in March.


Anonymous said...

love the pictures..BUT I don't know about the blizzard thing. I guess if that is what will make the twins happy then we must have one. Hugs and kisses...Nana

Anonymous said...

I don't want Blizzards in march we have some traveling to do and blizzards could and would mess that up. Just snow to play in twins not blizzards. love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun winter pictures! It's more fun looking at pictures of snow than getting it. A sign of aging! Hugs to all, Grandma