January 30, 2012

Big Kid Adventures

Finally, the ultimate reward for successful pottying - a big kid adventure. And what do big kids get to do on their adventures? See Elmo in real life, of course.

After the last post, there was a serious turnaround. In fact, to date, the only accidents they have had since that post (#1 or #2) have been in unusual circumstances...like being at the store with Daddy, in the checkout line, and not making it through the checkout process. I've been truly thrilled with the success (especially Ryan's sudden turnaround with the #2)! And this accident-free week just happened to be 1 of our busiest weeks ever, with activities every day and 2 separate trips to Detroit!

Remember the change they had been saving? I forgot to take them to the bank to trade in their change for cash, so I used their piggy banks. They put all their change in, lifted it up, and there was a $10 bill (taken out of the piggy bank the night before) waiting for them. Let's just say they were less than thrilled to put all of their beloved change into the bank only to have 1 measly piece of paper waiting for them underneath!

Before the show the twins got to pick out what they wanted to buy with their potty money. I was hoping for t-shirt, or something that I could turn into a lasting memento. Ryan chose a cd (very practical, we've listened to it a bunch of times already, and it's a great way to re-live the fun). Allie chose binoculars. Now she has been obsessively asking for a pair of binoculars for about a month, and using as many toys as possible as pretend binoculars in the meantime, so I wasn't surprised by the choice!
With Daddy in front of the stage!
Just before the show started, I had a big mommy fail. We take potties with us in the van when we travel so that we can stop and let them go whenever they need. So, before we went into the theatre, we had them go in the travel potties. I should have known that it would be a good idea to take them to the bathroom before the show, but I didn't. Just as Big Bird announced that there were 3 minutes until the show started, Allie whispered she had to go. Lucas and I debated whether or not we should go, if she was just bored, etc. Then Allie whispered very urgently that she had to go NOW. So we stood up to hurry to the bathroom just as the characters came on the stage. I scooped her up and rushed to the bathroom. I was convinced she would be devastated about missing part of the show, and in my hurry to get her pottied and back I failed to remember that she has an uncanny ability to shoot her pee forward rather than down...which she did...and in my surprise I almost dropped her in the toilet. She was devastated (and a wee bit traumatized), and I was still trying to get her upstairs. It didn't dawn on me until we were back that she was no where near as concerned as I was about not missing the show (in fact, in her mind she missed nothing), and I should have just stayed calm and focused on a pleasant potty experience. Lesson learned.
Elmo & Zoe - their favorite characters!
A couple times the shot out confetti and/or streamers. We were 1 row short of catching the streamers!
The Fabulous 5 superheroes.
The best picture I could get of the whole gang...
They really enjoyed the show. The only downside was that it ended about 20 minutes after their naptime usually starts. So the last 10 minutes they started to get alternately limp and restless. But that night they started telling me all the things they remembered about the show (some details that I didn't even remember!), and I realized that they paid attention the whole time! I'm glad that we made this their first big kid adventure!
All of us before the show
(why is this picture black and white? Because the guy who took the picture kept putting his hand over the flash, and the only way I could brighten the picture enough that you could see, and have it look slightly normal was to make it black and white...)
Another busy week ahead including our home visit from our social worker as part of our home study for the adoption! So you probably won't hear from us again this week...because I will be busy cleaning out every nook and cranny of my house!


Lauren and Jeff said...

I'm so glad Ryan and Allie enjoyed their special adventure! They deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Yay...what an adventure and so glad to hear progress is still being made. Way to go twins!! We are so proud of you. Hugs from Nana & Poppy!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time. Do you remember that Grandpa and I took your family to Sesame Street when you were little? I remember it and had as much fun as you probably did. Of course, it is a lot 'bigger' and flashier now. The pictures were great. Hugs, Grandma and Grandpa

Maggen said...

Adorable pictures. I'm glad you all has such a good time!