August 02, 2011

Goodnight Boston

When the twins were born, we were given this book by a friend who knew we would be (eventually) moving. I love this book. I absolutely treasure it, and we read it almost nightly for weeks before our trip so the twins would have an idea of what Boston was all about. I'm so glad because between the book and our excitement, the twins couldn't wait to get to Boston!
Wearing Daddy's Red Sox hat on the way to the New England Aquarium - both are in the book!
Although I desperately wanted to go and visit our old town, house, park, neighborhood, etc., I had taken it off the "absolutely-must-see" list because it didn't include seeing anyone in particular and I felt like people were more important than places. Then we suddenly found ourselves with an open window, and I seized the opportunity for a trip down memory lane. We started at Beaver Brook Reservation - a place of significance for me. I was hoping to feed the ducks, but due to the short notice of the trip didn't plan ahead enough to bring bread. I pulled out the twins snack cups (filled with generic cheerios) to see what the ducks thought of that. Then, a little girl and her daddy shared the last of their loaf of bread with us. The twins had a blast feeding the ducks (who, it turned out, like cheerios!).
Ryan was so desperate to catch one!
Then we took a walk down the trail. The last time we were there they stayed in the stroller. This time they held my hand and trotted along beside me. They loved the trail (so much so that Ryan refused to turn and head back to the car even when I told him that was the only way to the park!), and the waterfall. I managed to snap this picture on the way back (the always refuse to look at the camera when they hug...)
Then, as I mentioned, we went to our old park. Before they were never old enough to do much more than swing, but this time they ran and climbed and slid and played on everything!
This picture was taken seconds before Allie fell off backwards...good job mommy.

Some generous friends allowed us to stay at their house while they were away on vacation. We couldn't have asked for better accommodations! Perfectly kid friendly! They had a fabulous closed-in porch filled with toys where we spent most of our time when we were actually at the house and not sleeping!
"I lubs you, sis."
Yes, those were the exact words he was saying as I captured this picture. Melt. My. Heart.
They had a variety of toys, but the hands down favorite was the guitar that looked just like daddy's! They also had a small drum and many "jam sessions" were enjoyed by all :)
They had rocking chairs on the front porch and the twins loved sitting in them!
Best of all? A fabulous backyard - with a slide and a swing and a zipline and CHICKENS!! That's right, a chicken coop with real chickens. The twins were in love. In fact, the few days we didn't have a chance to visit the chickens they complained. And if anyone asked them what they had been doing (keep in mind we visited lots of friends, played in the fabulous backyard, went to multiple parks, and visited the aquarium!), all they would talk about was the chickens!
I think there will be one more post (the aquarium), and that will conclude our Boston trip. We have been home for a couple days now. The whole way home Allie sang her Dunkin' Donuts song whenever we passed a sign for one (she repeats the words "Dunkin' Donuts" over and over to the tune of "Come Thou Fount"!!). The twins still ask if we are going to Boston whenever we get in the car. We have seen many of our friends whose very presence reminds us we have a life and people here that we love! Aside from the overflowing suitcases and mountain of laundry, it all feels a little surreal. One day we were in New York with our dear friends. Suddenly we were in Boston and New York felt like a distant dream. And then we woke up in Michigan, and I wondered how we could so quickly be back. One day there, then next here - wondering if it all really happened at all...


Anonymous said...

I am so Happy for you all that u a had a good trip. I have heard about the chickens. I also know the surreal of locations and especially when part of your hearts in another state so far away. Looking forward to seeing u all real soon. Gigi

Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures!!! Allie is getting a real mop of wonderful curls!! They are so big already! Can't wait to see them in person! Grandma