November 04, 2010

Thankful Days

There's not much to report, except the things for which I've been thankful the last few days.
Note: yesterday, Lucas and I had to be gone most of the morning through early afternoon. A friend graciously agreed to watch the twins, and the pictures below (and captions) are the messages that I received while gone to let me know how they were doing. I was very grateful for these messages while I was away from the twinners :)

I am thankful for:
Feeling Better: Whatever I had that was holding me back, it didn't turn into anything more. For various reasons (including how the house seems to fall apart when I'm sick), I am thankful that it seems to be going away on its own!
Ice cream: Truth be told, I've started to leave out yummy treats (like ice cream) from our grocery list to help us cut our budget. But, since I was way under budget this week, Lucas and I decided we could splurge and buy some ice cream. I am very thankful for this yummy treat in my freezer and that we are able to just run out and get some ice cream whenever we want :)
The women (and Lucas) who watch the kids during moms' group. It is really wonderful to have some time, every other week, where we know our kids are in safe hands and we can talk.

"It's a hat!"
A friend with whom I can talk politics, religion, and other usually off-limits subjects and we still leave the conversation friends! When we moved I was afraid I would never have that kind of friend again, and I'm thankful that I've found friends like that here.
A friend who willingly watches my children. In MA I had a friend who I jokingly referred to as the twins second mommy because she was often there to help, and she was the first (and for a long time the only) non-family member I left with my children. I wondered if I would ever find someone like that here, and I did! A wonderful friend that my children enjoy spending time with, and who I know truly cares about them.

"Well they sufficiently destroyed your main level so we moved on to the lower one - Allie colored for 30 seconds just like u said! And is now stacking blocks!"
Fed Ex - All I can say is that Fed Ex is currently carrying a package that contains 3 priceless treasures. I'm so thankful that I live in a day and age of quick and safe transport of such things. If I met the driver I would probably give him/her a hug.

Long nap times. Not sure what my friend did, but not only were the twinners asleep when I got home, but they (and I) slept for 2 hours after! By the time we woke up we only had a little play time before I had to start dinner. This was a wonderful surprise!
"Off to go tackle lunch :) "
Our church choir. I joined the choir. Not because I am good, but because I enjoy singing. But I'm thankful for the choir not because of the artistic outlet, I'm thankful for them because when I walked out of choir practice and saw that my lights were on and car battery dead they all chipped in to help. One couple provided the car, another gentleman provided the know-how, another lady pulled her car up to offer light. And then, when the car was running, one of them followed me home (all 7 blocks) to make sure I got there ok. Nothing makes you feel loved like having half a choir help you get home!

"Lunch was a success - they ate great and kept the mess to a minimum :)"
The thankfuls don't have to be big or small, just anything that makes your heart happy throughout the day. I know that already I find myself thinking "Oh, I'm thankful for that! I'll have to remember it for the blog." And even though I forget 30% of what I want to remember, the habit of thankfulness is already settling in :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Isn't that the truth--being thankful makes our days so much better and there ALWAYS is plenty to be thankful for--like this morning. I was so THANKFUL that we were still home when my washer belt was burning!!!! One should never leave the washer run while gone but most of us do. Anyway, I enjoyed all your 'thankfulnesses'! Your kids have grown up enough to eat at the table!!!! Yay! Thanks, Grandma

Catherine said...

This was my favorite thankful post so far!! Kinda makes me want to do nice things for you just so I can make it into the blog again... hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I am praying too for those precious gifts fed ex is carring to you.I am thankful for your blog and the pictures of my grandtoddlers. they are growing up way to fast. Love to you all, Gigi