November 18, 2010

Taking Art to New Levels

Since steam is good for sickies and stuffiness, I have been trying to get the twins to take showers before bed...but they aren't always interested in staying in for very long. So, I pulled out what was supposed to be a Christmas Present and gave it to them as a "Sorry You're Sick" present instead. Bathrub Crayons!

They are a hit!
They colored every surface. They colored as if it was their job.
For the first time ever I had trouble getting them out of the shower! Even brushing their teeth (normally the ultimate favorite) didn't entice them more than coloring!
The worst part is that I bought the crayons thinking it would make me clean my showers more because I would need to wipe the crayons off...instead I love their artwork so much I found myself working not to rinse it off (and it actually comes off easily with a rinse, so that's hard!).
I am Thankful For:
I know I already did Monday, but the day wasn't finished. Monday evening I spent an hour laughing with a good friend. At one point so hard we were almost on the floor! I am thankful for a friend with whom I can shar my most embarassing stories and then laugh until we cry.
The Moms' Group - When my friend and I decided to stat the moms' group we hoped it would be a group that would reach out to all the other moms in the community who felt a little trapped at home during the winter. So far, we rarely have more than 3 of us there...but we have fun! I so enjoy time every week to get together and talk with these women, and that my children get time to play with their new besties (but not this week because they were sick...).
Sweet, funny children.
A Package from Papa & Gigi - With an item inside that literally made the twins dance :)
My Husband & the Floor - The twins have a tendency to throw all their food off their tray when they decide they are done. This means our dining room floor (baseboards...walls...) have a tendency to get pretty disgusting. Lucas and I are constantly bargaining to not be the one who has to clean it up. Since I was home along the last few evenings (and had to do all the daily cleaning and maintenance on my own), Lucas offered to do the floor last night. It looks amazing!


Anonymous said...

That is funny because I remember a time when my kids were sick also and I got into the Christmas gifts to make them feel better. I guess it is more common than I thought. It would be hard to erase all the nice pictures...I agree!! Thanks for sharing and Hugs and Health to everyone. Love, Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

I am thankful for my husband, too. Last night he went to our Neighborhood Watch meeting, because I had no desire to leave the house once I got home from work.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun!!! I'm the same way when the little grandkids come. I leave all those precious fingerprints on windows and mirrors for a week or two just to feel their presence!!! The Avon lady would try to sell me things to get our little boys in the tub for baths. My problem was always getting them out!! They loved bathtime. Great to hear from you! Hugs and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I remember leaving a crayon scibble on my wall after I was sick and I left it there because it was Kimberly Dawn Ryan's signature she announced proudly that she wrote. It was to special to get rid of. Love ya, Gigi