November 15, 2010

Keeping the Crankies Occupied

We're all cranky when we're sick, but children (and I think especially toddlers) are more honest about showing it to others. The twins aren't feeling up to their normal running around, but endless time periods of tv drive them (and me!) bonkers. So I've been trying to come up with things that aren't super active, but will keep them engaged. Folks, we've been getting crafty!
I saved you the pictures of them painting (because you've seen enough of those you get the gist), but here is the overflowing outcome!

Today we moved on to phase 2:
I love Ryan in the background studying his painting!

While I was tracing her brother's hands, Allie got ahold of the camera and took a dozen pictures...the girl is a shutterbug!

Ryan thought it would be fun to try his hand at photography. This is me trying to stop him (the timer was set and captured this moment). I love Allie looking on at the trouble she inspired!

I am Thankful For:
Energy: Not up to full speed yet, but I was able to do the largest chunk of the day by myself!
My husband and the laundry room: Lucas was literally possessed with the need to clean the laundry room (something that was desperately needed, but easy to be neglected). I thought he was spending a ridiculous amount of time in there until I saw the results. He washed down the machines and vacuumed out all the corners. He cleaned every inch! It is AWESOME!
Lucas for grocery shopping: Monday's I do my grocery shopping. This involves a 20 minute drive each way, 2 stores, a mini parade as I push the twins in the stroller and pull the cart (while checking things off my grocery list and keeping track of the cost with my calculator), and often me singing "Wheels on the Bus" to keep the kiddos pacified. It is exhausting to say the least (although people seem to appreciate the entertainment we provide! Today, Lucas' schedule changed at the last minute and he was able to go with us in the morning (because he had to be gone all evening). Having help with the grocery shopping was an incredible help!
Milkweed: Strange. I know. The twins decided that they didn't need a nap today, and I felt otherwise. So we set out on a walk in an attempt to lull them to sleep. It didn't work. In fact, they ended up pinching each other and crying 2/3 of a mile from home. If I can find something to occupy their hands I'm golden, but that was much easier in the summer (with grass and flowers in abundance) than now. BUT, I found some milkweed plants - with the great pods filled with the silky seeds. I showed them how the pods opened and the seeds fly away in the breeze, gave them each a pod, stuffed a few extras in my pocket, and it kept them busy & happy until we got home (and I took the long way!). Granted, we were all covered in the seeds when we got home, but it was worth it :)
On Sunday we gave the twinners suckers. I don't let them have candy often, but I thought they could use a treat. Last time they had suckers they weren't interested and ignored them. This time it was quite the opposite!

Note: they were extremely naughty the rest of the evening. Sugar will now only ever be given earlier in the day!


Anonymous said...

I got tired just ready this blog. I don't know how you do all this and being sick on top of it. God gives you strength and that is it. Hugs and Prayers for healthy babies and mommy. Oh and sleep too. Can't ever forget that. Love, Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Isn't it amazing how resourceful we become when we are trying to occupy our children! Milkweed - love it! We have a fair amount of acorns still in our neighborhood that Morgan enjoys playing with on our walks.

Anonymous said...

The photos are precious!! The milkweed sounds like fun. You are so recourseful, Kim! I relate to your tiredness because having our first 3 boys a year apart and Jon 2 years later I know how it goes. Thankfully I had a routine that kept things running smoothly and happily most of the time but sickness always put a big clunker in things. So did morning sickness for poor Mom! But of course, our strength always was available from our Lord!! Cheers to Lucas for cleaning the laundry room!! Thank you, Lucas!! Hugs, Grandma