November 24, 2010

Passing Another Mile Marker

Can you tell what is different?
Look closely!
If the twins cribs look a little more like big kids beds to you, you would be right! We've added pillows.

I noticed that the twins LOVE laying their heads down on pillows, and when sick would willingly cuddle up if there was a pillow present. Since the sickness, sleep has been intermittent and I was desperate for a change, so we decided to try pillows.

They have been amazing! The twins now love going down for naps and the nighttime sleep has been better (including a few nights where they have slept all night cuddled with their pillows)!

Of course, this is just another mile marker that tells me we are getting farther away from the baby days and closer to the kid days. I would shed a nostalgic tear...if I wasn't so busy sleeping :)


Anonymous said...

You twinners can't get any cuter! I love these pictures of you with your pillows. Yay for pillows! (Don't tell anyone but Nana takes her pillow everywhere she goes!!)
Kissies and huggies from Nana who loves you SO MUCH :)
Happy Thanksgiving to our Ryan family in Nebraska..we love you guys. Poppy and Nana

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Miller Family too. they are so sweet in these pictures way to go Kim you captured some special moments. Gigi and Popa

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm working my way back to where I left off--you've been busy blogging and I've just been busy!!! How sweet about the pillows!! Soft and snuggly! If Grandpa gets to bed before I do he has my pillow snuggled up tight. He said it takes the place of me until I get there. I think that is sweet even if he falls asleep and I have to tug good to get it back!!
Love Grandma