January 21, 2010


Last night Lucas and I were overtaken by the nasty bug. The good news is that this viscious illness seems to be short-lived (based on the twins - who seem to be perfectly back to normal - and Lucas - who is about 5-6 hours ahead of me and definitely feeling 5-6 hours stronger). We are, however, in survival mode today as 2 under-the-weather parents try to care for 2 healthy babies.
Small (but huge) blessing: The babies slept through the night last night - which was good because Lucas and I spent the entire night vying for the bathroom, and I was constantly afraid that the babies would need us and neither of us would be strong enough.
Bummer: Now that I've felt this sickness, it kills me to know how miserable the babies must have felt on the way home. They handled it much more cheerfully than Lucas or I have.
I know we would appreciate your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Oh my I'm so sorry to hear of your sickness. That had to be a trip from HECK... I hope the babies and both of you are feeling better now. I'll keep all in my prayers tonight. Please pray for Pat as he leaves for Minnesota ice fishing, safe travel and safety on the ice.
PS, Kim your blogs are very descriptive I could almose smell the vomit from here.
love to all
aunt darleen

Anonymous said...

Continued Prayer going up for YOU!! Can't wait for a happy healthy blog. You must be so tired out. I guess at your age it is easier to handle. Just the thoughts of being sick and taking care of babies makes me wonder how I did it. I don't remember and don't want too. :) Hugs ...Get Better Soon!! Nana in MI

Kim said...

Yay! We're all healthy again! MI adventures to be chronicled soon...

Anonymous said...