January 30, 2010

Pancakes & Bubbles

Ah, glorious Saturday. The day I waited for all week. Every difficult day that I was home alone with the twins I told myself to hold out for Saturday because on Saturday I wouldn't be alone. Every other day of the week I spend the majority of the day alone with the babies (which is normally fine, but when we're all sick it gets a little more difficult), but Saturdays Lucas is home and it makes everything so much easier!

Friday night was a rough night (Allie's cough woke her up frequently through the night - about every 2 hours - and Ryan woke up once and had trouble getting back to sleep), and I really wanted to somehow make Saturday memorable for something other than sickness and sleepless nights. The problem was that none of us felt up to going anywhere, and I wasn't sure what I could come up with that wouldn't require too much energy (because Lucas and I were pretty wiped). Then it hit me - Saturday morning pancakes!

Pretty much every Saturday morning Lucas makes pancakes for the two of us. This has been a fairly long-standing tradition - one that I adore. We usually eat breakfast after the twins are down for their morning nap, but this morning I thought that we could all have pancakes together. So, Lucas made blueberry pancakes and we all gathered around the table (around 1 corner because I'm still trying to put away my Christmas decorations - I know, I know...a little late - and they are currently taking over most of the table), and ate breakfast together! It was the twins' first time ever having pancakes, and they seemed to really like them (it was the most Allie has eaten in days!). It was the beginning of our new tradition - Saturday pancakes as a family!

Later in the day we pulled out our bubble gun. Not for the first time, but we haven't used it in a while, so it seemed pretty novel. The babies had fun trying to "catch" the bubbles, and loved seeing the air full of bubbles. Unfortunately, Ryan got tired of them popping on his head, and was finished with the whole bubble thing after not much time. But, it's good to have another distractionary trick to pull out when needed!

I have hope that we're on the upswing. While no one is necessarily sounding better, the babies seem to have more energy and I'd like to believe the coughs are getting more sporadic. Regardless of whether or not it's founded in reality, I have hope that the end is near. And this hope is enough to help me push through!


Anonymous said...

Pancakes & Bubbles :) :) What a fun idea! And Blueberries too!! Yum Yum...Just glad you had help and got to stay in for some R&R!
Waiting for good news this week that all are well!!! Nana loves you all. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see this blog so it was precious to read it after the babies being all out of sinc with sleeping and everyone exhausted. It was precious and fun. What a wonderful traditon--pancakes on Saturday morning! Allie and Ryan seem happy and enjoying the bubbles. Happy memories!! Love and prayers, G-gran