December 14, 2006

Whoa, what has happened here?

Hey, hey. Decided to spice things up a bit with the semester now over. A new format and also links to friends and other favorite sites. If you have any suggestions, let us know. If you are a friend and have a blog and think that we should link to it, let us know that too. One in particular I will mention, Theology of the Body, is a site described as "young people standing with the saints to proclaim Christ the Lord." It was started by a dear friend of mine from Hillsdale (whose nickname is a bakery item that I enjoy in the blueberry variety). The reason I mention it is that I am also a contributor at this blog, although rather infrequent. The following is a post I put up at the site yesterday:

The Three Advents
"Over the past centuries the liturgy of the church has developed a spirituality particularly for Christians during Advent. Both Sunday liturgies and the daily Scripture readings have been designed to direct our journey into the Advent experience of the mystery of Christ. Our parents in the faith have chosen Scriptures that accent three Advents: the Advent of Christ coming into our own lives, the Advent of Christ's physical birth in Bethlehem, and the Advent of his second coming at the end of history. While the liturgies and daily readings of Advent begin with the second coming and move as in a funnel toward the first coming, we are called to a vital personal encounter with Christ through all the readings."-Robert Webber, Ancient-Future Time


Tirzah said...

Great to see the updates! Here's a shameless plug to mine...http:\\ :-) *is not ashamed of shameless plugs*

maggen said...

love the new colors! :o)

And I hope that your "It's a Wonderful Life" party is a smashing success this weekend. Scratch that, I'm sure your party will be a smashing success, and that all involved will have a wonderful time. :o)

Lucas, tell Kim I said hi (since I know she doesn't check this nearly as often as you do....)

And any of you who haven't checked out "Theology of the Body" really should do so. It's great :o)