December 18, 2006

10th Annual IAWL Christmas Party (and other holidays)

The first "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas Party was held spontaneously on Saturday, Dec 5, 1997. After a round of Christmas caroling around the campus of Hillsdale College, we crammed around 20 people into the small T.V. room in our dorm to watch the movie. The 10th installment was a bit classier. Kim prepared crostini, meatballs and numerous dips and desserts for the 17 people that came. Lots of candles and we even had the fireplace going (can you find it in the picture?) . For the first time, the hors d'ourves and the movie were in separate locations. I was able to reserve one of our lecture halls on campus, which has equipment for showing movies. This was a real treat. And since it felt like an actual theater, this is the first year that everybody actually watched the whole film. Ironically, the movie was also on NBC this past Saturday. Who knew? Joel and Allie made the trip from Harvard over here. Joel has made it to 9 out of the 10 IAWL Christmas Parties. He was able to make it when he lived in Japan, but missed it by a week when he lived in Cambridge, England. We'll see how he does next year when they are living in Milwaukee. The other pictures are the Turkey Kim cooked for Thanksgiving. This was our first year we were home for Thanksgiving and not with family. We had four other couples over and did a potluck Thanksgiving meal. The other picture is Kim dressed up for Halloween. Everybody in the activities department dressed up according to their "Old MacDonald" theme. Any guesses as to what Kim is?


MOM DENISE said...

I'm guessing Kim is a cow. 2nd guess is a skunk. But if it is about Old McDonald I'm sure she is a cow. Whatever she is, she is so cute. Looks like the party was a happy time by all. We were actually at Grandma & Grandpa's and was watching it on tv, talking about you guys having your party. See you SAT. I can't wait! Luv, MOM in MI

Mom Denise said...

I love the fireplace on thinking. You guys never surprise me at what you achieve. MOM in MI

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! kim - you are way tooo cute! I MIIIIIIISSSSSS YOU GUYS!