December 13, 2006

Finishing Strong

Hey Everybody,

As the semester winds down, I should have more time to blog. My apologies for not really offering a new post since Sept besides the Homecoming Fun. I have one exam left, which I will take tomorrow. The real student in this family right now is my wife. Kim is working on a course for her certification as an activities director. She found out in early November that after the New Year, new regulations were going to be added and the price for the course would increase, so she has been cramming in this 6 month course into 6 weeks! She is almost done and is aiming for next Thursday to be done since it is a very special and important day (hint, hint). Please keep her and her sanity in your prayers as she works hard to finish the course. This Saturday we will be hosting our 10th annual "It's a Wonderful Life" Christmas Party. Pictures and a report will follow next week. I will also keep busy through exegesis and sermon preparation for Dec 31 when I preach at my church on Luke 3. We hope that all of you are able to keep an expectant advent during these weeks leading up to Christmas!


KI said...

Yay Advent! Yay for new Miller posts! Yay for school! (And boo on dissertation writing -- but I digress...) A contemplative Advent to the Millers two :-)

aunt flower lady said...

What ever could be on Thursday, hum.
Oh yea your birthday. Can't wait to see the both of you for Christmas.
Get all your studing done and good luck, I'll be praying for you both.
Have a safe trip home, see you soon.
Love aunt darleen