December 04, 2005

Michigan vs. Nebraska

ESPN, Wed Dec 28, 8 pm:
Michigan vs. Nebraska.
The unthinkable has happened. For the next 25 days my marriage may experience major turbulence. We knew that the only way we would ever see our beloved teams play would be in a bowl. Low and behold, this is the year. We ask for your prayers during this trying time. We have always rooted for each other's favorite teams and have said many times that the only time we wouldn't root for them is if they played each other. I don't know if we'll be able to watch the game together... but we will and someone will be cheering every play while the other gives a very dirty look. Any ideas for a good "friendly wager?"
"The match-up between Nebraska and Michigan will pit two of the all-time winningest programs in college football. Michigan is atop the all-time win list with 848 victories, while Nebraska ranks fourth with 793 all-time wins. The two schools have met just five times in school history and just twice since 1917. The most recent matchup between the two schools was 20 years ago, when Michigan posted a 27-23 victory over the Huskers in the Fiesta Bowl following the 1985 season. Michigan leads the all-time series between the schools, 3-1-1." (


Anonymous said...

Our house was in an uproar when Steve heard the news. who would have quessed this was the team Nebraska was going to play. Its one way of getting to watch your favorite teams at the same time. Go Huskers! Hope we play as good as we did against Colorado. mom in Nebraska

maggen said...

oh. goodness!

well...look at it this way...odds are that they won't play eachother again any time soon given that it's only happened 3 times in the last 100 years ;)

stina said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am AMAZED that this is happening to you guys! I only wish I were going to be there to see it! I'd be set up in your house with a video camera and all! = ) You can bet that I will be watching this game and actually getting into it. Where do my loyalties lie? I'm going to have to go with my dear roommate on this one, sorry Lucas! But man! My prayers are with you guys. I've seen you both when your teams are playing and this month could be dangerous! ; )

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a challenge for you both!! We have to get in on the fun, too. Lucas, we hear that you are arriving Christmas Eve decked out in Michigan sweatshirt,etc. Red is an excellent Christmas color. Expect Kim's 'team' to be decked out in a LOT of RED, and it won't be Christmas Sweatshirts!
Waiting to see you both,
Nebraska Grandma

Jschellhammer said...

Since you aren't getting much support on here Lucas, I figured I'd at least leave another comment supporting the Maize N Blue. Oh, and I think I'm bringing my sister to the IAWL party if that's cool

Sailorman said...

Last year I cheered for Michigan State against Nebraska, this year I will have to cheer for the Wolverines. I'm sorry, Kim. I think you may even have trouble with Mom Miller siding with you this year. It's the one thing the Miller's and the Ryan's will always disagree on. Go Blue

ldmiller said...

Hail to the Victors,

Joel, sure bring Melissa. Love to see her. ANd when are you going to respond to my e-mail? I knew I should have sent it to Allie.

Matt said...

Well now...aint this an odd perdicament? I honestly can say that I don't really care who wins. If michigan wins great for them, if nebraska wins great for them. Here is my philosophy, it is just a football game. Sorry sis, but I got to be honest here. Some would say I am not a true nebraskan...well...they are right. By the way kim, my e-mail is

MOM "MI" MILLER said...

Well I know Lucas will think I'm sucking up here but here goes... I am a Wolverines fan that is for sure....MI STATE never....but when it comes to MI vs Nebraska...I love my daughter-in-law more than the Wolverines and Lucas knows I love him so ....GO NEBRASKA; I will have my socks on too. :) Will be praying for the two of you and won't be expecting any grandkids anytime soon....miss you ~ trying not to think about it at this time of the year.

Mom Miller said...

Just so you know Kim....I'll never go against my Detroit Pistons!!! EVER no matter what!!haha .. .
GO #36
When is this big game anyway? Is it this weekend???? Dad is due off the boat tonight at midnight. It's only been 6 weeks since I've seen him. Hopefully he'll be home for good now. But...he said he might have to go back in Jan if they make him.

Anonymous said...

Lucas, You've taken a lot of kidding and you will see a lot of red, but far more so, you will see a lot of love! All of us in Kim's family are thrilled with the husband God chose for her. We are very happy that you have joined our family and you can be SURE that you'll get LOTS of hugs in your Michigan blue! Nebr Grandma

indycousins said...

I HAVE to chime in here! Go Nebraska! Kim, as a die-hard Michigan State Spartan, I have vowed never to root for those dirty Wolverines! I hope your Huskers kick their butts!