December 22, 2005

The Powers of Ten

As promised in my last post, here is my favorite documentary video of all time. It can be seen in its entirety as this link: The video will start automatically if you click on this link. The video lasts 9 minutes, but it will feel like only a few went by. This video takes you from the edges of the universe to the nucleus of a single atom. Every ten seconds the picture on the screen will take you either 10x closer or 10x further from the specified object. Hillsdale friends may recognize this video from the physics movie nights. I myself saw it in my dorm freshmen year at a Neidfeldt Monday Night Documentary. So Neidfeldt, so good. So enjoy!


Becca said...

Lucas Miller, you are NEVER allowed to call me a nerd again!!!

maggen said...

lucas, I can't believe that this won out over the penguin move! Even excepting the penguin move... wow. I'm with becca... this is a neat movie but... wow. dorky. still to each their own ;)

glad your IAWL party was such a sucess!

maggen said...

ps. i'm not really one who can talk about other people being dorky .... my family reminds me on a daily basis just how dorky *I* am Ha Ha.... so feel free to ignore lat last comment about *you* being a dork :o)