December 19, 2005

9th Annual IAWL Party

The big night came and went. We had 21 people at our 9th annual It's a Wonderful Life Party Christmas Party. I cleaned all day the day before and the day of while Kim was busy in the kitchen cooking some great hors dourves. She made several types of cookies, caramel corn, an amazing crab dip, meatballs, bacon-wrapped waterchestnuts, and we also had platters of veggies, crackers and warm brie, etc. The picture to the left is the sign given to us from our friends Setha and Carrie down the hall from us to hang from our door. We took out the bed in our bedroom and turned it into the talking room during the movie. In the past, most people actually did not watch the movie and would be in other rooms chit-chatting. This year all but three people watched the film, by far the largest percentage. Highlights include having Joel, Allie and sister Melissa drive in from the city to make the party. Joel has only missed one party in 9 years. His sister caught her long hair on fire, but Joel was quick to pound it out. The stop, drop and roll method was not needed. But I had a blanket if the situation had escalated. We had one first timer there who had never seen the movie before, which is always a treat. I showed them the alternate ending to the film [Saturday Night Live did a short skit were George's Uncle remembers what happens to the money and all the people that have gathered at the Baileys home in the last scene turn into a mob and go and beat-up Potter]. Classic. I forgot to take pictures like usual, but others there took pictures and once I get them, hopefully in a day or two, I will add them to the post. The picture to the left is the wall in our hallway, which is actually up all year. The smaller pictures are postcards that my Dad found for me in Minnesota, I believe. Sorry that there are not more photos, but like I said, I was busy hosting and forgot to take a few snapshots. I am officially all done with the semester after finishing a 15 page paper on Numbers 22:22-35, the passage is on Balaam's donkey. I could talk ad nauseum concerning it. Kim and I are flying to Nebraska on Saturday for four days and then it's back to work for Kim on the 28th. I have a great post to add later this week about my favorite documentary ever. Stay tuned.


aunt flower lady said...

Merry Christmas
Sounds like a great party as usual. You really do it up right you two. I still have not seen that movie all the way through. Someday I hope to sit down and watch it. We had your folks and grandma, grandpa and my kids for Christmas. Had a great time. Wish you could have been here. We are off to Maryland to see Pat's daughter and family. Have a safe trip to Neb.
Love you
aunt darleen

Mom & Dad Miller in MI said...

You survived the 9th PARTY, I knew it would go alot easier now that you have a sweet wife who slaved in the kitchen all week for this event. It would have been a better party if we could have been there RIGHT??? Glad it went good and you had a great turn out. Thanks for the picture it is perfect for the frame. Have you opened all the presents already??? xo from us
Guess who came home tonight to surprise us? Yes, it was Logan with a friend...he was bored so they came home so Logan could take this guy to the famous GREKAS. Then they are leaving in the morning to go back to Ferris. Go Figure. bye

BillG said...

Wonderful that you and Kim hosted a successful soiree--is this your first one as a married man? Sorry we couldn't make it this year, though we do appreciate the invite.

One quick request--could you drop me an e-mail with your address on it? We're just getting around to Christmas cards (they're becoming "Happy Holidays" cards at this point) and would like to send you and kim one.

Oh, and I'd like to read that paper of yours about Balaam's Ass. Send it on with your address, if you please (man, I type some wierd things in these blog comments sometimes)


stina said...

aww.. wish I could have made it for your party. I actually think I have had to miss every one of your IAWL parties that I would have been able to make because of one thing or another. Glad it was such a success! Miss you guys. love you both!