November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving was spent in Maine at Kim's cousin's home(Wendy the cousin, husband Josh and kids Isaac, Anna and 18 month old Noah). We were there for less than 24 hours but made good use of our time. We stayed up till almost 1 am talking with Josh and Wendy, which for us is extremely late. Thanksgiving was spent watching the parade and then having our own parade of sorts out in the front lawn. Pulling the kids on sleds with a lawn tractor is just not as effective as a snowmobile. The speed and traction suffered, but they had a good time. We gave each of the kids a Turkey hat thinking it would add to the festivities, which it did. Josh grilled the Turkey, Wendy baked a ton of sides and Kim made HOMEMADE BREAD from my Grandma's recipe. She made it the night before and having a hot slice of bread right out of the oven is so good. So Good. Many more years of Tuesday Toast Night shall continue! Anyway, all was going so well until I watched the Detroit Lions play their only nationally televised game and get thoroughly trounced. After that I got some sorta sinus cold and was down for the rest of the day (but feeling better after 12 hrs of sleep Thurs night). The dinner was delicious, and I couldn't help put have two huge plates full of everything. And then crash on the couch and take a nap (helped on by the sinus cold). The kids loved having us there, and I felt like a jungle gym because the kids kept crawling all over me wanting rides. Kim helped me out for a while by reading to the kids though. This is our second time up there and we can't wait to get back there and see them again.


aunt flower lady said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving was had by all. We went down to Pat's in a full blown blizzard, but got there ok. We too had a nice time with Pat's family. We go bowling the whole bunch of us that's fun.
I will let Grandma know that Kim made her home made bread for dinner. She is not feeling well maybe that will make her feel better. She caught a cold at uncle Dale's. Bye for now love aunt darleen

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time all but that game and cold. I miss you all so much. Couldn't believe how much Noah has grown even since summer. Loved the hats Anna looked great in hers. You and Kim should have put them on for a picture. would have loved that. Praying for your finals. with love, Mom in Nebr.

BillG said...

Good luck on your finals, Lucas, and thanks for the encouragement and the prayers.

Glad you had a great thanksgiving! I hope that you and Joel made it back safely--I understand that he and Allie drove to Hillsdale from Boston in a single night (!)

Megan's doing well, as is the baby, as evidenced by her many kicks, especially after Thanksgiving dinner! Take care, and Go COLTS!

stina said...

Ugh! I miss you guys so much! LOVE YOU BOTH! = )

Mom Miller said...

The bread looked great Kim!! Send me some....glad you guys had fun. It is dreary here today, the cold and snow is suppose to be here by tonight. Hope all those in Nebraska are surviving the bad weather that I seen on the news. The pictures are nice but I agree with Mom Ryan...where is Lucas and Kim in turkey hats??????? xo

Kosik said...

Yay for good Turkey days :)
Missing you both back in the frosty 'dale- Especially since 'tis the season for the "White Christmas Party". I'm going through major withdrawal so I think we'll have one-- to carry on the torch, as it were (although I mentioned it to Crissman who wrinkled her nose and said something about doritos and vcr's ...but I always had a good time!)
Take care!