November 17, 2005


I know, it's been 12 days since we've posted. It's not that we have been too busy, we've just hadn't have much too say. We enjoyed having Kim's grandparents here two weekends ago. I went and helped out at a prison worship night. It was a very minimum security facility. I don't think it would have been too hard at all for them just to walk out. But because most of them are in there for relatively brief periods, there was a much higher cost to escaping and getting caught again than just simply doing their time. The prisoners that were there had freedom to move around the complex and be with each other, so those who chose to attend chapel were there because they wanted to be at chapel and not just out of a jail cell. It was great to talk and worship with them. Gave me a good view of realities around me that I did not think much about. The great thing about this ministry is its focus on rehabilitation and getting them connected with a supporting church once their out. We heard some great success stories, but not all the stories ended rosey. Last week was another reading week. I have been working on research for a paper that can only be 3 pages single-spaced but must be thoroughly researched with an extensive bibliography and biblical foundation. So needless to say, every word counts. We've had great weather, even a late Indian-summer of sorts. Kim is still busy at work but is looking forward to her weekend off. we are getting together with another couple in our building who are Pistons fans to watch the game tomorrow night and then we are getting together to watch the big Michigan-Ohio St game on Sat (unfortunately they are buckeye alums). Thanks for all the comments. Keep em comin'!


stina said...

well, I did my normal pre-order with amazon... which is nice because now that I am back living in big and growing cities (instead of teeny hillsdale), walmart is SCARY! Way bigger and WAY MORE PEOPLE! Sometimes it's just a pain to go in there and I normally go shopping elsewhere. Plus, since I have been so busy I wouldn't have been able to start watching it anyway. I should be getting it tomorrow and I plan on spending some quality time with Season 10 this weekend. = ) Did you guys get it yet? Have you been watching it?

Jschellhammer said...

Absolute genius - you MUST watch this!

the sein-imation part is what I'm talking about

aunt flower lady said...

Hello you two, Lucas that going to the prison is so important. I remember when it helped Dale out. You can really have a big impact on someone's life when their in such trouble and dispair. Even if you only reach one it's worth it. Keep up the good work. I'll be Kim is gearing up for the big Thanksgiving holiday at work. Busy time. Love you aunt darleen

BillG said...

Happy thanksgiving, you two. Lucas, congratulations on "escaping" from prison. It's weird to think about, but Paul did a lot of good work while he was in a prison as well. Bears mentioning.

Thanks for praying for us. It makes a difference.

maggen said...

Jim, a pharmacist that I used to work with, was also a chaplin at a prison. He had a wonderful ministry there and was obviouly called to serve God in that area. I'm not entirely sure that I could do that kind of ministry. It is definatly a gift.

Do you think you'll go back? Or was it just a one time deal?

Calah said...


I just wanted to drop by and say hello to Kim :)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see some news when I checked in. Steve and I went to a Prison in Kansas to help with a church service. Inpressed with the program they had scarry going through the security and locked doors then we only had three women in our group and they said to spread out and sit in differrant places. Steve had to get up to do a reading and other things and there I was with all these prison guys around me. Everyone was very friendly too a little scarry under those conditions. But was very interested in their program they had for these guys. I am sure steve shared more with you. Always wanted to do prison ministry but was to scarred to do it. Steves corrispondance class went to do the worship service and he took me with him. I am alive to tell the story . So who knows where God will send me next. cjr

ldmiller said...

Stina, we have not purchased it b/c Kim has it on her Christmas list.

Joel, I couldn't get it to work on my computer but am purchasing both this Tuesday.

Maggen, I probably will not return to this specific facility and it was a one time class project, but I am sure I will be involved with som eosrt of prison ministry through the church in the future.