August 21, 2005

Summer Vacation Finally Begins!

Hebrew II has come to an end. Friday I had my final for the class, which consisted of parsing verbs, translating passages that we have done before, and translating a passage that we had not worked on in class (this ended up being Genesis 42:1-5, where Jacob sends ten of his sons to Egypt to buy grain due to the severe famine in Canaan). We were allowed to use a lexicon on the unknown passage, which was helpful. Pretty sure I did just fine on it, I'll find out on Monday. Now I have 3 weeks off before the Fall semester begins on September 9. So what will I be doing with all this down time? Playing host for half of it. My parents will be visiting us this Tuesday till Saturday and then the boys will be in town for the weekend (and Allie & Muffin to even the girl to guy ratio) with Tony staying a couple extra days up here. I will try to translate a little Hebrew everyday to keep myself sharp for my exegesis class this fall on Elijah and Elisha. I am also reading a book that was assigned for me from my New Testament class at Hillsdale, "The Upside Down Kingdom" by Donald Kraybill. It was one of those books that I did not have time to read back then but put it on my will-read-later list. And now is later. I am also playing house (cleaning cooking, etc.) as Kim is busy with her new job, hopefully this can be a help. I am also thinking about experimenting in the kitchen and learning some new dishes. Going to try Orange Beef stir-fry with crab rangoon on Monday. That's all for now.


"Stina" or "Tina" depending on which one of you I am talking to = ) said...

miss you guys! I'm back at home now and my first class is tomorrow! I hope to call you guys soon. you get anything from becca and I in the mail yet? ; )

aunt flower lady said...

Hi, hope your mom and dad make it ok, and that you will have a great time visiting. Good luck on the cooking it's not that hard, and I'm sure Kim will appreciate it. I'll be praying for a good grade for you.
Love aunt Darleen

Calah said...

I would assume your bro is in HD by now?