August 16, 2005

EFCA Meeting

As many of you know, it is my plan after finishing here at Gordon-Conwell to seek ordination in the Evangelical Free Church of America (also known as E.V. Free for short) Yesterday, I met with the New England District Superintendent, Dr. Sheely, to discuss the EFCA and myself. I was happy to inform him that Kim and I have just recently decided on which church to attend; Westgate Church, which looks amazing except for the fact it is 45 minutes away and gas is $2.60/gal around these parts. If you are curious, here is the church's website: We also discussed opportunities for an overseas missions trip with him to train Christian workers in how to plant churches. The EFCA sponsors a week seminar on church planting right here on campus in January, which I will be attending. In addition to meeting with Dr. Sheely, I hope to meet with the pastor of Westgate church, Dr. Hollo, concerning possibly ministry mentoring opportunities through the church. So please be praying for Kim and I as we seek God's will concerning our ministry for the next two years and beyond. If anyone is interested in learning more about the EFCA denomination, please check out their website at Kim is doing well and is enjoying her new job. I need to get her on here to update everyone concerning it. I have my final exam for Hebrew II on Friday and feel confident concerning my knowledge of the language for the exam, but will still be reviewing quite a bit between now and then. Remember to leave a message :)


Mom said...

Hi..It's about time we have something new on here!!! Church looks great and it was enjoyable reading about it. Glad Kim likes her new job. Count Down...4more days until we start our vacation. Praying for another A on your test but now worried at all; you always do your best. Love Mom & Dad

aunt flower lady said...

So glad to here the search for a church is finally over. We are almost finished building our church it's very exciting. We should be in it the end of Sept. Glad to hear Kim is doing well and likes her new job. I'll be praying for you on the test and ministry opportunities to come.
Love and take care
aunt Darleen