June 30, 2005

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Here I am in graduate school working on my masters, taking Ancient Hebrew, 20 years after I started my first day of kindergarten, and still the power of positive reinforcement via stickers of happy faces and "nice job" spur me on... no, more than that, they demand of me to achieve superior competency so that I may possess them. I am hoping that if I keep doing this well that I might get a scratch-n-sniff sticker. Could I be so blessed? But in all seriousness, it's still fun to get them even now. My friend Joel at Harvard Law would be so lucky as to receive stickers for his A's! Perhaps he does? Posted by Hello


Jschellhammer said...

Tragically no, I do not. Instead the inscrutable maw of arbitrary injustice takes the one thing we get a grade on - our final - and, after what we can only guess are some unknown machinations and magical incantations (that take at least six weeks), spits it back to us in a bold, bland, and banal, computerized form. It's neat, clean, and very very harsh. On the upside though, I did get an A from O.J.'s lawyer - Guess the glove did fit after all!!!

Mom Miller said...

Lucas....I don't ever remember you getting good papers in school with happy faces on them???? Who are you trying to fool. Just Kidding! I always wondered how you got A's with that handwriting of yours. It's getting better!! I guess with Hebrew it doesn't matter.