June 19, 2005

Our New Apartment in Kresge Hall

Well it took us 3 full days to unpack everything. Amazingly, we only had one victim from the move: a serving bowl. One bookcase that was feared destroyed from the initial packing of the van survived and is currently holding books with its back in tack (play on words)! The name of our building is indeed Kresge Hall, which certainly conjures up fine memories of Hillsdale, but the people around here simply call it Building B. Kim and I love our new digs with its extra leg-room. More spacious and I can watch TV even in the kitchen! We have already spent a day touring Boston with Kim's family on Thursday, which included stops along the Freedom Trail, a lunch at the original Cheers, and a tour of Boston Harbor. Tomorrow I have my first class (Biblical Hebrew I), and Kim starts hunting for a job. Please remember us in your prayers in these specific ways: 1. That Kim would find a good job, 2. Our adjusting to our new surroundings, and 3. God would strengthen our relationship with him here as we prepare for full-time ministry in two years. Kim and I would love to hear from you, so please leave some comments. Now that we are here with Comcast high-speed internet in our apartment, we will be updating this blog frequently if not daily. Posted by Hello


Mom Miller said...

The place looks great! Lots of room and some to spare. Can't wait to get there in August. I'm enjoying knowing what you two are doing from this great blog. Keep us posted!!!! LOVE U....MOM

aunt flower lady said...

Your new digs look lovely. Looks like you have it all fixed up.Love the bedroom it looks roomy. I will keep you in my prayers for the needs you requested. You two have a bright future in front of you. Sure will miss seeing you though.
Love you both,
aunt darleen