June 19, 2005

The Move

Top Left: Brooks and Gretchen provide the muscle. Top Right: Our material possessions = One 15 ft Penske Van. Bottom Right: The Maestro (Joe Garnjobst) uses his van-packing experience and expertise to enable all of our possessions (see top right) to actually fit in the van with space left over for our last item, the Iwo Jima tree. Bottom Right: A tired and very sweaty moving team takes time from admiring their handiwork for a picture.

Much thanks to everyone who helped us move! It only took us 3 hrs to pack the van and 1.5 hrs to unpack it. It was quite interesting to have a moving team of seminary students helping us because it was our first time meeting everyone and we had little time to get to know them; only time to sweat profusely up and down 3 flights of stairs. We (Kim, myself, and Kim's family) left Hillsdale last Saturday, June 11th and made it all the way to Albany, NY with a stop at Niagra Falls. We made it to Gordon-Conwell about 12:30 Sunday afternoon. Our Penske truck only had 660 miles when we picked it up and was a very nice ride. I actually enjoyed the drive out here because I knew I wasn't going to be going after any time records, I would always be in the far right lane, and that people would get out of the way of me and my big truck; even near Boston! Posted by Hello


aunt flower lady said...

Glad to see you made it ok to your new home. Sounds like you have made some great new friends already. Have fun
Love you both

Mom Miller said...

Where is our Piston Blog today!! Tonight is a big Night Lucas. GO PISTONS!!!! Keep the spirit!!

Mrs. N said...

Hi you two "movers"!
Your mom and I are on the "net"
and decided to look you up- cool!
So glad you arrived safe and sound
and you have found such nice neighbors already- who wouldn't like you two? We wish you well and happy times in Boston- you can't go wrond with all of that history all around you. We send our love- Mrs. N.