September 30, 2014


Apparently, I'm going to pretty much stick with that whole "one post a month" thing.  Maybe I'll get a little better.  Not having a computer makes a huge difference in my time online though.  As in, almost never.  In fact, most weeks I get on once or twice to check my e-mail...and that is it.  It is nice, but also difficult to stay in touch in an online world!

Once again, our church had their annual carnival.  Once again, drenching Daddy was the twins' favorite thing.  They both got him.  In fact, watch the video the local newspaper took of Ryan soaking him here!

 There were other activities, of course
 Just like at camping, Allie took part in the greatest bonding activity in the world of girls - doing each other's hair (in this case, spraying in streaks of the same color temporary hair spray).
 In the meantime, Ryan and the guys did some simulated fire truck driving.
 Lucas and I attended the annual Charity Ball hosted by the collegiate music honorary of which I was a member and of which now I am an advisor.  And somehow, our babysitter managed to take a picture of the two of us that I don't hate (I try to post pictures of myself on occasion...but I never love them.  But this one is ok...)!
The kids look forward all year to the County Fair.
A picture for Nebraska Grandpa!
This year we spent the least amount of time at the fair, but the longest amount of time ever riding the rides...I guess we know what is important!

Did I mention Papa & Gigi were here?  They came in for the week in order to be here for Grandparents' Day at school.  
Nana & Poppy also joined us for Grandparents' Day at the school.
(Photo credit goes to Nana.  I didn't take any pictures since I was actually working the event!)
While they were here, we took the opportunity to get a picture of our divided family.
Sometimes we might fight
(although not well...look at their faces!  We couldn't even pretend to be angry at each other!)
But we always love each other.
And that was our September!  


Anonymous said...

It is a very good picture of the two of you. Had a good laugh at our Mi and Ne pictures. Especially trying to fight. Love Allies hair going down slide too. We had a great time that week. Pap and I hadn't been away from the house for about two months previous.
Love you all, Gigi and Papa

Anonymous said...

First of all I want to tell you how much I love that picture of you and Lucas. Wow it is so nice of both of you. I couldn't stop laughing at the one of all of us in our MI and NE shots. Allie and Ryan are hilarious. Thanks for keeping up the blog Kim, I know it takes a lot of time that you don't have. Love to all NANA