September 12, 2013


Once again, our church had their annual carnival.  This year was probably the first year that the twins really remembered things from the year before, so they could hardly stand the anticipation and excitedly scheduled out the things they were most excited to try.
She was surprisingly good at Ladder Ball
 Sadly, I got very few pictures.  It rained during the first part of the carnival (I know, we just have the worst luck with the weather...) and I put my camera away to protect it...and then forgot to get it out until much later.
He didn't make a single shot, but he was determined not to use the "baby" basketball hoop!
Nana & Poppy and the cousins came down and joined us.  But I didn't get a single picture of anyone except for this one with Allie & H.  They loved the face/arm painting tent if you can't tell.
You don't even know how many pictures I have to take before she stops making that face and smiles.  For some reason, this is her new "picture" face...
Their favorite thing this year was something that has been there every year, but that I always thought they were too young to try - the fire truck simulator.  Realistically, they were probably still a little young this year, but they loved it.  It is a setup very similar to the one when they are trying to teach Sheldon to drive, but it is also on a platform that rumbles and moves based on the driving simulation.  It feels very real.  Ryan loved it and actually did a pretty good job.  Allie managed to send the firetruck airborn and then roll it her first time out and thought it was so hilarious that she sought to do the same every time she was behind the wheel.  I'm not sure I will ever trust her behind the wheel now...
Ryan and his friend from preschool operating the fire truck together...because they are small someone had to operate the pedals while the other drove!
 The absolute favorite new thing - hands down - was the "dunk tank."  Honestly, there was no dunking involved, but I don't know what else to call it.  But (as you can see in the pictures) when you hit the target with the ball, a pole with a giant needle would swing and hit the (gigantic) water balloon and break it all over the volunteer beneath.  The twins heard about it and talked for days about getting daddy.  They were first in line, and the volunteer running it kindly let them throw until they succeeded.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the water actually exploding all over daddy, but it was as awesome as they imagined!

Such a fun day!  We can't wait until next year :)


Anonymous said...

Allie talked alot about getting Dad all wet. Looks like it was great fun too. way to go Ryan and BB throw you will get it next year you will be taller and that will be a great help. Love you all, Gigi and Papa

Anonymous said...

It was a fun day, rain and all. Just wished I would have taken pictures too. I was too busy watching everyone and everything. Didn't even take my camera out of the car. Glad you got a few anyway. Poppy sure was glad he got to finally come to the carnival. Most of all he enjoyed all the grand kids having fun!! Hugs from up-north Nana & Poppy :)