September 30, 2013

Where Have We Been?

I didn't anticipate how busy we would be when fall hit.  Between all of the ministries for the church starting up (including some new ones) and the kids starting school we have been slammed.  There is no such thing as "free" time, and I have been so exhausted that any of the nights we don't have something going on, I'm guaranteed to fall asleep on the couch (sometimes in the middle of working on something) before 9:30 pm...

Even worse, I have forgotten to take my camera with me on all adventures - those of the special and everyday variety.  Thanks to my phone, I have a little to show you from these weeks away.

Twice a week, the twins have preschool in the morning and Lucas has class in the afternoon.  Since both are in the same town half an hour away, we decided to try to save on gas and all go for the entire day.  Lucas sets up in the library in the morning and the kids and I find something to fill our afternoon.  Since it has been nice, we have spent a lot of our time at local parks.
They LOVE these "rocket" towers with slides.
But climbing to the top level is a bit scary and they tend to freeze halfway.
 "We made it to the top!"
 Being Silly
 We are joined by a friend on Thursdays, and he has quickly become the brother the twins never had.
This rocket is even taller (at least 2 1/2 stories high), and I totally climbed to the top to check all of those bars and make sure they were safe.  I snapped this picture on the way back down.  
There is also a bike trail so we have taken our bikes and gone for a ride together.
The County Fair also came to town and we spent 3 days hanging out, riding rides, eating fair treats, and visiting the animals.
They can ride the rides all alone this year!

My phone wasn't fast enough to get decent pictures, so I switched to video.
Their favorite was the roller coaster.  They are in the front car.
This year there was a giant obstacle course where they climbed and walked across rope bridges and finally slid down a huge tunnels slide.  It was their favorite.  They went through at least 12 times!

Maybe sometime I will remember my camera and get better pictures...or at least find the time to post more often...

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Anonymous said...

This looked like so much fun. Nana should have been there. Bummer, I missed it. Glad you all had a great time. The twins are looking so old in some of these pictures. :(
Glad you are keeping busy and things are going good at school. Love you all, Nana