September 09, 2013

First Day of School

It finally happened...the first day of school!

 Due to the Inspection process (the preschool built a new building at a new location that was finished JUST in time for the start of the school year...the Inspector wasn't as on board with the start date as everyone else, however), their first day ended up being 3 days later than it was supposed to be originally.
Trying to get Allie to smile nicely
Because of the drawn out build up, they were exceptionally excited.  Beyond excited.  There was so much pent up excitement in their little bodies that they could barely sit still.
A nice picture.
 The night before we had a special "Night Before School" dinner at the restaurant of their choice.  Then we cam home for ice cream out of special dishes.  They picked their outfits from underwear to accessories.  They packed their backpacks and set them near the door.  And Lucas made them special pancakes.  Basically, we treated it like a holiday and celebrated this new phase!
Ry-guy's first picture.
 Somehow we ended up being ready and on the road early.  Way early.  So we decided to drive around a little to kill the time.  The kids were going crazy in the backseat.  "We have to get there!"  "We don't want to be late!"  "You need to take us there right now!"  Lucas and I joked that they sound just like us.  Finally, it was drop-off time so we parked in the lot and walked in.
All his pictures were so similar.
 I wanted to get a picture of them in front of the school, but they wouldn't stop.  They walked in the door, shook hands with their teacher, and headed into their classroom without a pause.  Their teacher asked if they wanted to say goodbye to their mom, and all I got was a quick "Goodbye!" with a backward wave as they hurried to find their coat hooks.
It took a while to work down the cheese-factor in their pictures together...
 It was only an orientation day (just a little over an hour long), so Lucas and I took the time to go out to breakfast.  When we picked them up, they skipped out to us excited to tell us about their day.  They wanted to go back the next day, every day, and be there always.  Sadly, the next day was Saturday and they only will go 3 half-days.  But it was good to know they were so excited! 
So excited.  So sweet.
  Some of our favorite quotes of the day:

Allie: And (the teacher) built a big pink tower and then SHE BROKE THE RULES!
Me: What rule did she break?
Allie: Mommy, I don't know.  I've never been in school before, so I don't know all the rules.

Lucas: Did you make any new friends?
Ryan:  Yes!  There was another boy and we played together and he is my friend!
Lucas: Great!  What was his name?
Ryan: I don't know.
With their backpacks.  Always best friends.
Everyone keeps asking me how I'm doing.  Honestly, I'm fine.  It is a bit strange considering how sentimental I get about EVERYTHING.  But I knew how much fun they were going to have and how amazing their teachers are and how many great things they are going to learn.  And they have been SO excited.  There just wasn't any room for sadness.  But I will probably shed some sentimental tears at some point...that's just how I am...


Anonymous said...

Still can't believe they are in school.SO happy they are happy :)
Life is always changing :)
Hugs and Blessing for a school year of fun and learning. NANA

Maggen said...

KIM! (And Lucas!) I can't believe how grown-up they are! And so excited for school. I love it! <3