May 25, 2013

Fun in Nebraska: Part 4

The final wrap-up of our trip.  A few bits and pieces of the remaining adventures of our trip.

I mentioned that my dearest friend kept me company during the helicopter ride, but I forgot that we had a picture to document the event!  We usually forget to take the picture...  Pardon the hair.  I went to NE without any of my hair styling products and had crazy hair pretty much the entire trip.  But bad hair or not, a picture with a dear childhood friend is too precious not to share!
I was committed to taking all of my pictures in Manual this trip (to make myself practice more since I prefer to lazily rely on some sort of auto setting).  The problem with this was that anytime someone other than me picked up my camera, they could not just take a picture and have it turn out.  Although, they didn't always know that...  For this picture I was in the shower (for my first shower post-injury), and my mom didn't want to interrupt me to fix the camera but wanted to capture the adorable-ness that is the twins playing dress-up.  It's a bit blurry, but I think the cuteness is still visible!
Prince Ryan and Princess Allie (Papa and Gigi got the titles of King and Queen...Mommy gets nothin'...).  Allie looks inches taller because she is wearing princess shoes with heels.
 They squeezed in another (more successful) kite flying adventure.  This time they chose a day with more gentle wind, waited until the evening, and went farther into the empty lot next door.  No kites were lost, so it was deemed a success (and my kids now want to fly kites all the time...).
Following in Papa's footsteps.
 Holding on tightly.
Asking Papa the big questions of life.
 Looking to the heavens, bathed in light.
One of the highlights of the trip for the twins was taking baths in Papa and Gigi's Jacuzzi tub.  The final evening, I washed their hair - not realizing what the shampoo I was rinsing out would do when it came in contact with the jets.  The result was the most bubbles in a tub they have ever seen in their life!  It also did not take long for them to realize that if they turned the jets off, the bubbles settled down, but if they turned the jets on again, the bubbles would immediately begin to grow!  Getting clean kids and a science experiment in one is always a win in my book!

 Trying to show off their bubble beards.
The final pictures are from the trip home.  Yes, we finally made it home.  Mom made the trip back with me, which was wonderful because I am very slow-moving.  I am fairly confident the twins would have gone slowly and stayed with me had I needed, but it was nice to have backup.  There were so many things that my mom did that would have taken me (at least) twice as long.  Based on my math, she saved me at least 2 hours in an already 14 hour trip!  
At a rest-area playground letting the kids work out some energy.

The good news is that I am home.  The bad news is that my foot does not seem to be getting better.  I'm sure it is, but the amount of pain I still have, and my inability to be able to walk on it a week later is starting to make me a little nervous.  The doctor said that I should go in for x-rays if I was in pain 10 days after the accident.  Today is day 8.  I'm starting to anticipate x-rays in my near future, and (although I keep trying not to borrow the worry of tomorrow) I cannot help but think about how our summer might look different if I spend half of it in a cast.  I'm still hopeful, but, even without a cast, my activity in the near future is restricted in such a way that it is already infringing on my summer adventure plans.  And all of it is making me a bit (or a lot, depending on who you ask) edgy.  I could use your prayers in the next few days as I hang in the unknown between "only sprained, but badly" and "fractured," and as I attempt to be positive and upbeat rather than the grumpy and demanding I often feel.  That said, I have to share the link to this commercial.  Every time I see it (a lot since lying on the couch and watching tv is all I do now), I laugh and think, "Yup.  Been there.  Done that.  Ended up in the ER."  Click HERE to see the commercial, and laugh along with me!

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