August 16, 2012

Through the Eyes of a Child

Part of requesting cameras for the twins' birthday was so they could record our adventures this summer.  We got a few of their pictures from our road trip...but they deleted most before I got to them.  This trip, I managed to catch more before they were erased (although Ryan somehow got to his camera before I saved his really great pictures.  sigh.).  Here is the train trip from from their perspective:

Allie's beloved seahorse with HIS baby seahorse (spiky thing below the nose).  She got the mini seahorse as part of a group of plastic sea creatures I gave her for the trip...and promptly lost it somewhere on the train.  We are still mourning the lost seahorse...
 A well-timed shot of a railroad crossing.
 Coming up to the Mississippi River.
 They make a big deal about the Mississippi River (which I LOVED).  They announce it over the speaker system.  The bridge is one of the oldest in the nation so they have to slow down to 10mph when going over.  The twins are still talking about the BIG river (because they cannot pronounce Mississippi, so they stopped trying).

Almost 3 weeks after the train ride (I know...I'm so behind on blogging.  Sorry grandparents!), and the train mania continues.  It is all trains all day long.  They build trains for their babies to ride, they pretend - at mealtimes - that they are eating on the train, they sing train songs, and they prefer to watch train shows (some of our favorites - btw - are Chuggington (of course), Choo Choo Soul (Allie can be heard singing the song pretty much all day), and Dinosaur train (a recent discovery that combines two of their greatest loves).


Anonymous said...

Kim, what a wonderful experience for the kids to imagine all their fantasy trips with their loved animals and toys!! The joy carries on and on! It is so wonderful to think that the next time you come you will be right here in Friend with us!!! Now that's some joy! Love and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

that was a fun blog..good photos for kids!!! the train was a big hit ;)
it has been a traveling summer and God surely watched over us!! NANA

Anonymous said...

they took some good pictures and now I think I could try and take a trip on the train too. had a great time with you while you were here even tho we mostly moved things to new house. was Happy to get to travel with you again what a blessing twice in one summer. Have fun playing train. Gigi