August 17, 2012


Confession: there isn't a ton to post about from our Nebraska trip.  My parents are in the process of moving, and I was determined to single-handedly move them while I was there (which didn't happen...partly because I couldn't move the big stuff by myself and they - unwilling to be moved so suddenly - wouldn't help).  But it meant that our time was mostly spend doing this
However, the twins LOVED playing in Papa and Gigi's new basement...mostly because the big room was basically empty and they loved having all that open space to run and play.

We did do a few fun things though.  We continued our (new) tradition of riding to the park in Papa and Gigi's convertible (the twins really love riding in a car with no top).  While at the park we came across a Cicada.  One of my favorite thing, as a child, was the sound of the locusts in the evening.  I also loved looking for their shells in the fall (they shed their skins in this perfect shell).  I collected them each year.  The twins thought it was cool to hold it in their hand.
We also got the opportunity to hear my uncle preach!
He did a sermon on  Nehemiah, and I loved that it was a totally different take than the (few) sermons I have heard from that chapter.  I was hoping they would have it up on their website so that you could just click over and listen (if you were so inclined), but they don't have it up yet.  So take my word - it was insightful, challenging, and encouraging.  I was so proud.  So were his children.  My little cousins (I'm the oldest of the grandkids and his youngest is the youngest, so they are the little ones) were eager listeners, choosing to forgo Sunday School to hear the sermon twice, and sitting as close as they could.  I'm so happy I got to be there too!
The twins also enjoyed their tour of toys - which is what I call the visits to their favorite places (and toys at those places) in Nebraska...such as my grandparents and my parents' church.  


Anonymous said...

I agree Sermon was very good and your uncle did a great job will presentation of it too. Was very blessed to have been there. It was fun to watch them play in the big room. Hope they won't be to dissapointed when it has more in it when they come back. (Not just toys). Gigi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos of Jeff giving his sermon. We were in Minnesota for a relative's 85th birthday party and had to miss it and I was so bummed. We are visiting them next week and I hope he has a DVD so we can see it, too. Not the same as being there, but a good second. Hugs, Grandma