August 18, 2012

A Look at Lucas' Trip

I asked Lucas if he would write a post about his trip, but he felt like he didn't really have the time to sit and think (like he would want).  So, I stole some pictures from his slideshow to give you a peek at his trip (I mean, we don't feature the grownups often anymore, but an international missions trip should at least get a few pictures).
A view of Haiti (I'm not exactly sure where)
 A tent village - there are still many from the earthquake.
 Henry (the youth that went from our current church - they met up with the youth from our church in MA!) having fun :)
 The kids playing a favorite - Simon Says!
 Lucas helping give some of the kids a swing.
 Where this blue and yellow tent stands there used to be an orphanage.  It was almost right on the epicenter of the earthquake.  The building, obviously, collapsed.  15 minutes before the earthquake they sent all of the kids outside to play - and none of them were killed.  In fact, I think a few staff members were trapped and injured, but none seriously.  It made international news and a group from Canada came and built them new dorms.
The bunk beds in the dorm.
 Citi Solei - it was actually like this before the earthquake.
 A river in Citi Solei
 A clinic where they brought supplies that had been donated.
 Lucas with some of our former youth.
 The whole team.
 Before the trip, the twins took $20 and picked out toy cars to send to kids in Haiti.  I told them that these kids don't have mommies and daddies to give them special surprises, so Ryan and Allie would send them some so they would feel loved and special.  Lucas snapped this picture, with his phone, of the boys playing with the cars!  Ryan and Allie especially love the one wearing his car as a hat.
I know Lucas would have a lot more info, personal experiences, and stories.  Maybe I can get him to write a post once things settle down (like October...maybe...).  If not, at least you got a little glimpse of his trip to a country that is very much in our hearts. 


Anonymous said...

Wow...Allie & Ryan I'm so proud of you for using some of your money to buy gifts for those special kids. What a great way to show Jesus love to those kids. I'm so glad we got a glimpse of his trip. Thanks Kim!!
Hugs from Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Tell Lucas we don't need the ten-page version! A quick run-down of his activities or one small insight would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

One just wants to hug all those people who have suchmeager homes. We live like kings here! That was a wonderful thing for the kids to buy gifts for them and so precious to have photos to verify their joy in receiving the gifts! I am happy that Lucas is back safely with his family again!! Hugs, Grandma