June 05, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Some people travel for Memorial Weekend, we came home.  Just in time.  Our weekend was packed.  The day after we came home was the church's annual pie sale, so that was a busy day.  Sunday the church had their annual Memorial Service in the cemetery behind the church.  It's a beautiful service and a favorite for everyone (we even have a family who travels every year to attend our church for that service).
The twinners helping me figure out lighting and camera settings before the service.
Monday we celebrated Memorial Day in style.  First up was a pancake breakfast put on by the local Lyons.  Then a parade (I didn't get any pictures.  I was so bummed!) that ended in the cemetery where they had a beautiful Memorial Day service.  The big highlight for the twins: their TaeKwon Do instructor (who used to be in the Air Force) was carrying the POW MIA flag in the parade!  They were so excited to see someone they knew (and say hi when it was over).

We had planned to get together with the same friends we were with last year and have a bbq, but our plans fell through that day.  We figured we would have a quiet day at home when we got a call from Uncle Logie inviting us to their house for a cousin pool party!
A very full pool :)
 H wanted to run through the sprinkler, but not alone.  So the cousins took turns holding hands and running through together!

But her favorite person to run her through the sprinkler was her daddy!
 Sharing secrets.
 I love having cousins close!  We had such a fun night!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so cute Kim.. I should have quit work and we should have come. wah wah

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures!! What a gift cousins are!! Love, Grandma